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Social Marketing

Facebook, Bebo, Digg, Myspace. There are countless social websites out there, but each site comes with it’s own strengths and challenges. We can help you plan a profitable social marketing campaign, with real world benefits.


Digg is a social website that allows users to share links, and “digg” blogs and news stories that they think are interesting. The most popular articles (Those that are the most “dugg) are listed on the Digg homepage, and visitors browse the site to gain access to Dugg sites in categories that interest them. The net effect is that if your websites has unique and interesting news or blog stories then you can gain a volume of inbound visitors, often highly targetted. theEword can help you in creating unique content about your business, how to present the information to the user and how to maximise the results from working with Digg technologies.

Digg was launched in 2004 and last year it attracted over two hundred million visitors. Such is the popularity of the site that there is a phenomenon know as the “Digg Effect”, where websites listed within Digg recieve so much traffic to them that they experience server issues and eventually stop working.


Social Media Training

theEword offers social network training, as part of a smaller group or in a Social Media Bootcamp. By giving your team access to the latest information on Social Media, you can improve their skills and get more out of your Social Media campaigns.


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