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Claiming Legitimate Business Expenses

Client: Parasol

Parasol is a professional employment organisation dedicated to providing contractors and freelancers with the support and benefits that they require in order to concentrate on their assignments and continue enjoying the freedom and flexibility of their working lifestyle.

As part of the work that they carry out for their employees, Parasol offers help and support to those claiming back any legitimate business expenses. They often find that before contractors and freelancers start to work with them, they are confused about what they can claim back.

The infographic was produced to provide professionals within the flexible workforce with information on what can actually be claimed as a legitimate business expense along with the financial benefits of doing so.

The well-designed piece matched with the overall Parasol brand – particularly through the inclusion of the Parasol mascot Lance – and contained information that would interest the target audience. Once produced, the infographic was shared on social media and earned a place on other relevant websites, ensuring that the piece was able to be seen by the widest possible audience.

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