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The Best & Worst Acquisitions Made By Tech Giants In Recent History

Client: Peppermint Soda

Peppermint Soda is an award winning marketing communications agency, specialising in PR, creative services and more. The team are dedicated to providing clients with expert branding guidance, from defining the message they wish to portray to increasing brand exposure and engagement.

This infographic was put together as Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19bn. Focusing on the most famous tech acquisitions made in recent years, including the investment made by Facebook, it looks at whether tech giants made good or bad decisions with their purchases. The visual summarises all the information into one easily digestible piece, perfect for their audience to read and share with their followers.

As the Facebook investment was incredibly shocking news– due to the large amount of money paid for WhatsApp – the infographic allowed Peppermint Soda to gain social shares as well as links and mentions on blogs and websites, as site owners were interested in talking about the topic and readers were interested in finding out more.

As the infographic was shared and mentioned on sites, this then helped to increase brand awareness and engagement for Peppermint Soda, while it also helped to direct further traffic to the website.

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