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What’s in your bottle of wine?

Client: Corksout

Corks Out is an award winning wine and spirit specialist with an online shop and five stores in Cheshire. The team are dedicated to sharing their extensive wine and spirit knowledge in order to demystify wine and ensure their customers enjoy the best possible drinking experience.

The infographics were designed to share the interesting information that Corks Out held regarding wine quality vs. wine price. Initially, the data was displayed in their stores for customers to see, which theEword team then used it to create a series of visuals for the Corks Out site.

The data that Corks Out had was entirely unique, making it ideal for creating infographics that would interest their target audience. As the information was also revealing and educational, it gave the Corks Out team the opportunity to further position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

The infographics gained many social media shares, including mentions from industry leaders and famed wine specialists. Bloggers and webmasters also chose to feature the pieces or comment on the information on their websites. This activity resulted in increased brand awareness, links being earned as well as an increase in traffic to the Corks Out website.

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