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theEweekly Wrap

theEweekly Wrap: 7 Nov

Matt Cutts won’t return to Google until 2015

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, has announced that he won’t be returning to his position until 2015, extending his much publicised leave period.

Cutts tweeted his intentions to prolong his leave until the New Year, but gave no reason for his decision.

When he originally announced his break, he expressed full confidence that the Google webspam team would be able to cope without him until his supposed return in October.

On his blog back in July he said:

"I wanted to let folks know that I’m about to take a few months of leave. When I joined Google, my wife and I agreed that I would take 4-5 years, and then she’d get to see more of me."

During his first extended break in fourteen years there have been updates to the Penguin and Panda algorithms, whilst colleagues like Google Webmaster Trends analysts Pierre Farr and John Mueller have continued to provide us with news.


Astronaut’s David Bowie cover is back online

A cover of David Bowie’s classic track Space Oddity, which was recorded onboard the International Space Station during its orbit of the earth, is now back on YouTube.

The video was recorded by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and uploaded under a one-year agreement from Bowie’s publisher. The cover had been viewed 23,489,187 times before it was taken down in May 2014 at the end of the deal.

Discussions then began on how to get permission for it to be re-posted, with its return announced in a blog post from Hadfield. He said:

“We are so happy to be able to announce than my on-orbit cover of Space Oddity is back on YouTube. This time we have a new 2-year agreement, and it is there, free, for everyone.”

Bowie himself has said of the video that it was “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created” which no doubt contributed to the legal process eventually being fairly simple.


John Lewis unveils magical Christmas advert

To round off the Wrap this week, we have the news that John Lewis has launched their traditionally ambitious and heartfelt Christmas advertising campaign, complete with CGI penguins called Monty and Mabel.

The ad features a cover of John Lennon’s song “Real Love” performed by singer Tom Odell, with the narrative revolving around a little boy and his inseparable penguin friend.

The ad is part of a £7m festive campaign which has already sent social media into overdrive with #montythepenguin trending on Twitter throughout Thursday.

This year’s effort again uses the tried and tested emotional storytelling formula which has clearly worked for the retailer in previous years.

The 2013 ad featured Lily Allen with her rendition of Keane’s 2004 single “Somewhere Only We Know”, which is credited with helping boost sales by 6.9 per cent on the previous year.

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Written by Andy Williams


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