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Apple shares drop – 12 year old builds a robot – Yahoo set for a bright future

Investors concerned after 'budget' iPhone launch

Shares have fallen by more than 5 per cent following the launch of Apple's latest smartphones.

Investors expressed their concern after the unveiling of the two new iPhones on Tuesday, as they believed that the new models were still too expensive in comparison to the smart devices available from competitors.

The basic iPhone 5C, priced at £469 for the 16GB model, has been met with criticism from analysts who have noted the gap in Apple's target market as their products remain unaffordable for emerging markets such as India and China.

Walter Piecyk, an analyst with BTIG Research stated to the BBC: "The pricing on the iPhone 5C is simply not low enough to adequately address the significant global growth opportunity that we believe exists with unsubsidized prepaid customers that have not yet bought a smartphone.

"The real question is whether Apple plans to ever go after these markets or rather just remain a high-end phone maker."

Apple's shares closed at $467.70 on Wednesday, down by 5.4 per cent.


Pre-teen developer builds a robot

A 12-year-old has engineered a robot that is capable of delivering bags of crisps throughout an office.

Rowan Agrawal, who spent the summer building robots from scratch at OLogic, in Sunnyvale California, began programming at the age of 4 and coding at 5. By the tender age of 10, the youngster was working with the creative group Hacker Dojo where he worked with a team creating robots for under $500. It was through Hacker Dojo that Agrawal's engineer father reached out to OLogic in the hope of finding an internship.

Unlike many children his own age, Agrawal spent the summer building a version of Roomba, the autonomous navigation device used for sweeping and vacuuming; his robot uses similar components but instead of cleaning, delivers snacks.

Agrawal said of his creation: "That's how I got the idea for the autonomous chip robots. All you have to do is type in a command and it runs a program so it will automatically drive around and randomly select an audience. I'm working on getting it to see if there's anybody in the room. If there isn't, it will leave and won't wait."


Yahoo reveals this year's growth and plans for the future

At the TechCrunch Disrupt convention in San Fransico, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer discussed the company's recent growth and plans to build on this in the future.

Mayer announced that as well as an increase in active monthly users, Yahoo has also seen a huge increase in job applications to the company. This boom has reached up to 12,000 applications a week, the same number of people currently employed by Yahoo.

Since the beginning of her tenure over a year ago, Yahoo's stock price has doubled, a figure helped by the fact that the company is now seeing 800 million monthly active users, with 350 million from mobile.

Mayer stated of her progress so far: "I have said it would take multiple years...for the growth to be the way we wanted it to be. Having the right people and products and getting to the right traffic. People, products, traffic and revenue."

The CEO paid tribute to the wise decisions and investments made by her predecessor Jerry Yang, in the culmination of these four elements being essential when building the successful company Yahoo has become. Looking to the future, Mayer reinforced her intent to focus on a more coherent mobile strategy by targeting users based on their mobile activity.



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