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China meets with US – surgery app – google glass proposal

Cyber-attack talks at summit

China and the US are due to convene for an informal summit in Sunnylands, California this week.

The summit will mark the first time the two presidents meet since Xi Jinping's election in March.

President Obama is expected to call on the new leader for China to take responsibility for the cyber-attacks against the US, and indicate whether or not there has been any government involvement.

The issue of cyber-intrusion has caused unrest in Washington although Beijing has not admitted targeting any US military or company sites.

Other focuses of the summit discussions are predicted to be North Korea and the global economy; topics that China are likely to insist are more pressing than cyber-attacks on the US.

On Tuesday a White House Official said, "Attributing responsibility [for cyber-attacks] is not easy but no matter who is responsible, countries have to take responsibility for what emanates from inside their borders."

The White House has stated that it expects no major breakthroughs to occur at the summit, but ensure that a healthy relationship between the two world powers is maintained.

The talks will begin on Friday and are scheduled to continue to Saturday.


The surgery app

A group of surgeons have designed an app to aid the training of young doctors.

Touch Surgery was created by four London based surgeons to provide cognitive task simulation (CTS) for trainee surgeons.

The idea to manufacture the app arrived when they noted that modern technology was not being taken advantage of in the teaching of young surgeons. Now they are able to practice vital skills away from the operating theatre using their tablets.

Dr Sanjay Purkayastha, one of Touch Surgery's developers, said the aim of the app was to take surgical education to "another level".

The app works by teaching users intra-operative decision making, while receiving clear instructions rather than the usual in-class method of repetition and reading. Then using cognitive task analysis and cognitive task simulation, the user is presented with a series of tasks and decisions which make up an individual operation. The simulation provides the visual and interactive element.

The app's relatively rapid success can be marked by its download rate of over 80,000 in the last six months.


Eye will marry you

A Google Glass using couple were the first to exploit the new technology's intimate set up this week, as the first by-Glass proposal took place in Kent.

The groom-to-be Breon Nagy recorded the special moment wearing the Google product before sharing the video on his YouTube account. The couple illustrated that they were a perfect match when both Nagy and his new fiancee then put the video on their Google+ accounts for the rest of the world to share.

Nagy popped the question as the pair were travelling around Europe and visiting Leeds Castle in Kent. In the video entitled 'She said yes #throughglass', Nagy is heard saying; "If you were my queen, I'd buy you a million castles. Let's start our adventure together. Will you marry me?"

This instance is not entirely unique as the world has previously borne witness to other tech savvy couples making the most of social media for their proposals. The first via Twitter's embedded video service Vine happened in May, and back in 2009 a combination of Twitter, Foursquare and live-streaming service Qik was used to make one couple's romantic moment unforgettable.



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