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CoinyeCoin launches – Smart tech gets closer to home – App Store has 10 billion dollar year

Coinye Coin launches despite upset from West

The latest virtual currency to spring up has taken inspiration for its name from rapper Kanye West.

However, CoinyeCoin, previously named 'Coinye West', has come under fire from the rapper's legal team who have sent the developers of the virtual coin a cease and desist letter stating: "Consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr West is the source of your services."

Consumers can now create the coin using software available via an India based website, since the company switched from their original US .com domain.

Other virtual currencies including Bitcoin, have been scrutinised in recent months following numerous links to black market trading, as a result of the exchanges being nearly impossible to track. Yet since the infamous Silk Road was shut down by the FBI back in early November, the value of Bitcoin rocketed to peak at $1000 (£613) by December 2013 and has since remained relatively high at its current value of $850 (£520).

Although concerns still exist over the security and longevity of virtual currencies from governments, let alone law suits from rap stars, the coders behind CoinyeCoin said: "We want to release this to the public before the man can try to crush it...they'll come after us, but that's OK."


Could smart tech take over your home?

The digital revolution has been producing smarter and more advanced technology than most can keep up with, now even the experts are revealing concerns.

Gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, tech firms revealed their latest gadgets to transform formerly inanimate objects into smart ones. The debate between key industry specialists is around what will happen to the ongoing privacy and security issues that are yet to be resolved in smart technology.

At present, smartphones, tablets and laptops are at risk of being hacked and your personal information taken, but could your future smart lighting and baby monitor be a potential risk too?

Marc Rogers, principal research analyst at mobile security firm Lookout, said at CES:

"Dealing with the privacy and security aspects of the internet of things is going to be one of the biggest challenges we have faced in security for a long time, These technologies will be some of the most intimate we have ever had.

"We are going to be wearing it, installing it throughout our living spaces and other places where technology has not usually had the opportunity to go."

Rogers concluded that good industry practices that have become the accepted standard in other areas of digital development, should help the further advancement in smart home technology to remain secure for users without fear of private data being gathered.


Apple breaks sales record in 2013

In 2013 Apple launched its latest offerings to its smartphone and smart device customers, the deluxe iPhone 5S, its more affordable counterpart the iPhone 5C and the lightweight tablet, the iPad Air.

The 5S broke a first weekend sales record for Apple in September, when the phone was reportedly out of stock in all stores in the US and the UK in less than three days, over which time the company reported that it had sold over nine million iPhones.

Apple's latest iPad did not fare quite as well, making up 38 per cent of total tablet sales leading up to Christmas in the UK, where the consumer market favoured more affordable tablets such as Google's Nexus 7 (£200) and Tesco's Hudl (£119).

However, across devices Apple still holds a large amount the smart device market even if it is no longer the top choice for tablets. It is therefore not surprising that the App Store sales reached an all time high of $10bn (£607.57mn) in one year in 2013, with $1bn (£60.76mn) worth of sales throughout December alone.

Eddy Cue, Apple's Senior Vice President of internet software and services, said: "The lineup of apps for the holiday season was astonishing and we look forward to seeing what developers create in 2014."



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