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Crunchie Awards results – Google UK sales figures – Steve Jobs time capsule found

Crunchie Awards celebrate 2013's top tech

The seventh annual Crunchie Awards took place in San Francisco this week, with several high profile names among the winners.

Hosted by Daily Show comedian John Oliver, the ceremony was a celebration of the digital innovations that caught the eye over the last year.

Kickstarter took home one of the evening's biggest awards, securing the Best Overall Startup prize ahead of rivals including Snapchat, Twitter, Uber and CloudFlare.

Elsewhere, Tinder took Best New Startup, Twitter's Dick Costolo was named Best CEO and Dropbox's Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston won the Founder of the Year trophy.

Virtual currency Bitcoin was recognised as the year's Best Technology Achievement, Snapchat was victorious in the Best Mobile Application category and Waze, which was bought by Google last summer, earned the title of Best International Startup.

Edward Snowden's NSA revelations won the award for Biggest Social Impact, with Oliver drawing laughs from the audience by suggesting the exiled whistleblower should have made the effort to collect his award in person.

There was also recognition for Candy Crush in the Can't Stop, Won't Stop category, an award for the year's most compelling creations that also saw nominations for Netflix, Tinder, Vine and Vibease.


Google reports UK sales growth decline

Google has revealed that its UK sales growth in 2013 was down on the last couple of years.

Its total of $5.64 billion (£3.38 billion) was up 16% on the previous year, a slower growth rate than 2012 (20%) and 2011(22%).

The news is significant for the search engine, with the UK recognised as its biggest market outside the US and the only overseas territory to warrant a separate report on its sales figures.

Google will also reveal its UK tax bill later in the year. Its tax payments have come under scrutiny in recent years, with Google UK vice president Matt Brittin appearing before a government select committee last year to defend the company's payments.

US sales growth also took a hit, dropping from 34% in 2012 to just 14% last year. However, Google did report that its fourth quarter global revenue was higher than forecast, despite its online ads experiencing a drop in price.


TV show finds Steve Jobs' time capsule

A National Geographic television programme has unearthed a 30-year-old time capsule buried by the late Apple chief Steve Jobs.

It was intended to be opened around the turn of the millennium, but its location was lost during a landscaping project in the area.

Jobs introduced the time capsule at a design conference, giving a speech in which he correctly predicted many of Apple's future ventures, including the development of the App Store, iPad and wireless technology.

It contains a mouse belonging to an Apple Lisa, one of the company's earliest computers. While this device flopped commercially, it did pave the way for the iconic Macintosh in 1984.

Jobs' collection also includes beer, music from the Moody Blues and a Rubik's Cube, as well as hundreds of other items contributed by delegates at the conference. The discovery was made by the US show Diggers in September last year, and will be unveiled onscreen later this month.

Written by James Riches


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