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Curved smartphone is the latest trend – Breaking Bad breaks social media records – New app could end phone theft

Curved smartphone trend grows

The latest smartphone trend is emerging, with both LG and Samsung announcing that devices with curved screens would be released in the coming weeks.

LG is expected to release the G Flex in November, while Samsung has yet to release the name of its device, but confirmed it would have a curved screen without being completely flexible.

An LG press release said that curved screens "represented the future of technology", and that they would also be revealing additional electronic products of this type, including a widescreen television.

The company will unveil an unbreakable and flexible 5-inch plastic OLED panel for mobile devices. The development comes at a crucial time when smart devices are being used more than ever and at increased risk for damage from drops, hits, and other accidents.

Samsung had revealed plans for a curved smartphone earlier in the year with the Yourn prototype, but it is not yet known whether the forthcoming release will be based on this concept or a completely fresh idea.


Breaking Bad causes social media storm

Wildly popular television series Breaking Bad reached its conclusion this week, with viewers around the world gripped to see how the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman reached its conclusion.

While I will not reveal any plot details for fear of being mobbed by angry fans who have not yet caught up with the latest developments, the finale certainly caused a frenzy of interest on social media channels, with huge numbers of tweets and Facebook posts recorded during the last episode.

A total of 1.24 million tweets were posted, with a peak of 22,373 messages being composed every minute. Breaking Bad was the top trend around the world, while a number of topics relating to the latest developments within the show also reached high trending positions. This means the conclusion of Breaking Bad was even more talked about than the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Meanwhile on Facebook, three million people created almost six million interactions while the show was on air, including statuses, comments and shares.


Lockwatch seeks to end phone crime

Meet Lockwatch, the new app designed to bring an end to the stress and inconvenience of having your smartphone stolen.

Downloaded more than 7,000 times in a matter of weeks, the app works by taking a photo and recording the GPS location when a code is entered incorrectly. This data is then sent to the email of the user, which can then be passed on to the police if required.

Charles Antoon of Sydney-based developers BlokeTech is responsible for the idea, which he says came to him after a friend had their mobile stolen on a night out.

Antoon commented: "I thought it would be a great idea to write an app that could immediately take a photo of any person who tried to unlock your phone and also send an image of their location to the owner's email address."

Users have reacted extremely positively to the application so far, with many suggesting to Android that the feature should be built in to all devices. Similar projects have worked for laptops and tablets in the past, with one user blogging a series of images from a user who had stolen his laptop, which included the thief attempting to rap and dancing in the shower.

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