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Cutts addresses error pages – De Castro pay-off revealed – Reactr shares friend responses

Matt Cutts outlines difference between 404 and 410

Google's head of webspam Matt Cutts has used his latest YouTube video to explain how the search engine reacts when it discovers a 404 or 410 error. He explained that while both of these codes indicate a page is unavailable, Google treats them slightly differently.

It appreciates a 404 can sometimes exist temporarily due to an issue that will be spotted by the site owner. Therefore, if Google crawls a 404 error page, it will "protect" it for around 24 hours in case it returns.

This gives site owners a chance to get the page back to its original state and still get crawled by Google, and therefore avoid having an adverse effect on their attempts to rank highly.

On the other hand, a 410 is marked by Google as gone for good. Cutts says: "We assume the webmaster knows what they're doing, because they went off the beaten path to deliberately say that this page is gone."

Despite this, GoogleBot will still check back with 410s from time to time just to make sure. Cutts ended by saying that the differences between the two were "relatively minor" and nothing to worry about, while also indicating Google's way of responding to them "could change".


Yahoo reveals De Castro pay-off

Yahoo has disclosed how much it paid to departed COO Henrique De Castro after he was released by the company earlier this year.

In a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Portuguese was revealed to have been handed $58 million (£34 million) to walk away by CEO Marissa Mayer, just 15 months after she had personally hand-picked him for the job.

It is thought that a seven per cent year-on-year fall in display advertising revenue led to a fall-out between the pair.

However, Yahoo attempted to appease shareholders by pointing out that this amount was only so high because of the company's recent success in the public markets. Their data showed that if De Castro had been offered the same deal at the time he joined, it would have cost just $17 million (£10 million).

De Castro's sum was made up of $1.14 million (£677,000) in cash, $16 million (£9.5 million) in performance-related stock options and over $40 million (£24 million) in various restricted stock units (RSUs).


Reactr lets you gauge friends' reactions to your pictures

A new app has been created that will allow you to see how people respond to content you've sent them.

The idea behind Reactr is that a user sends an image or video to their friends in a similar manner to existing apps such as Snapchat, and the receiver can then choose whether or not they want to send a photo reaction.

Inventor Ash Gilpin said: "Reactr provides a platform for allowing a more natural form of interaction between people, through photos and videos."

He suggested that this removes the extra step of having to send a follow-up message to gauge reactions, and would be a particularly good way for long-distance friends to keep in touch, or to create a gallery of reactions to a significant life event.

Written by James Riches


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