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Emergency data law – French blogger fine – Facebook parking vigilante

Emergency phone and data law being rushed in

This week, the government announced plans to rush through emergency legislation which underpins the state's right to keep hold of personal data - that held by internet and phone companies.

This comes after a European Court of Justice ruling which has made it so that the current government practices are seen as unlawful.

Labour, as reported in the Guardian, are backing the bill on the basis that it simply restores what the government already believed to be the law, prior to the ruling in April this year.

The rush to get this legislation through has had plenty of criticism, with the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, saying "it's difficult to see how the UK can now justify rushing through wide-reaching emergency legislation which may not fully address the concerns raised by the court."

The European Court of Justice has been in the spotlight a number of times over the past few months, in part due to the controversial right to be forgotten.


French blogger fined for Google search title

Next up, a French judge has told a blogger to change the title of her blog post and fined her


Council praises Facebook parking vigilante

Now to wrap up this week, a county council has praised a man for his Facebook crusade against what he says is dangerous and selfish parking.

The man, known only as Stuart, said he wishes to remain anonymous but did talk with the BBC in a report.

Talking about the state of parking in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Stuart says "there's never any parking wardens around and the whole of Lowestoft seems to be getting worse".

Waveney District Council has praised any public support for considerate parking, calling his activism a good thing.

Stuart's Facebook campaign, Park it Right Lowestoft, now has over 2,500 likes, and has encouraged other users to go out and take vigilante snaps of bad, awful, and almost-but-not-quite parking.

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