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EU bank hit by cyber attack – Google conference kicks off in San Francisco – Suarez bite takes over the Internet

European bank hit in cyber attack

A European bank is thought to have been the victim of a sophisticated cyber attack that has resulted in the theft of over half a million euros.

More than 190 customers in Turkey and Italy are suspected to have been affected by the attack, which took place over the course of a week. Security firm Kaspersky Lab claimed it had uncovered evidence of cyber-thief activity in January, when it detected the presence of a computer server being used to co-ordinate the attack.

The thieves had deleted any traceable evidence by the time the authorities had been alerted.

Kaspersky codenamed the program Luuk, and believe the Trojan malware was used to intercept financial data and allow access to bank accounts when each victim logged in.


What will be revealed at Google I/O 2014?

Google kicked off its annual developer conference on Wednesday 25th June in San Francisco, with much of the event available for live streaming.

The search engine giant is expected to reveal several exciting new products this week, including Android TV. A glimpse of the Android TV platform was seen on The Verge in April, followed by reports from the Wall Street Journal that the platform is expected to carry another company's brand but will run on Google's software.

It is thought that Google Android TV has been designed to play films, games and other content for TVs.

The Internet has been rife with talk of a new version of Android in the lead up to Google I/O 2014, which will be previewed during proceedings according to Sundar Pichai, Chief of the Android Division.

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week, Pichai said the decision to reveal the operating system at Google I/O instead of September was part of a company-wide effort to be increasingly transparent about Google's plans as they evolve.


Suarez bite takes over the Internet

Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez has over-shadowed the World Cup with a three-second incident that has taken the Internet by storm.

Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Buzzfeed have been flooded with memes of the Liverpool player's assault on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini since Tuesday night's match, that also saw Italy eliminated from the World Cup. Memes featured the Uruguayan wearing a dog cone, mouth guards. #cannibal was also trending on Twitter moments after the controversial episode occurred.

FIFA have officially charged Suarez for biting Chiellini, which could lead to a suspension for Uruguay's top offensive player.

This is not Suarez's first attack of this nature, but the third high profile biting incident that the striker has been caught up in. In 2010 while playing for the Dutch team Ajax, Suarez received a seven match ban for biting PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal on the shoulder, and in 2013 the Premier League star was suspended for 10 games for biting Chelsea's Branislov Ivanovic on the arm.



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