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Facebook likes – Google birthday doodle – Apple map mishap

Facebook targets fake 'likes'

It seems as though Facebook may finally be doing something to stop fake profiles from giving their approval to products, as Wednesday saw many pages lose a large chunk of their 'likes'.

Last month, the social network admitted that nearly nine per cent of its users were in fact spam profiles with the sole purpose of making products appear more popular than they really were. This equates to roughly 83 million fake profiles populating the site.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones sought to prove the point with his pretend product 'Virtual Bagel', which attracted 1,600 likes from countries across the globe. Of course, there was no bagel, and Cellan-Jones' page was a simple photo with no content to supplement it.

Facebook now appears to be taking action and attempting to rid the site of these profiles, commenting: "A 'like' that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with a page benefits no-one."

It is thought that the issue has become particularly pressing for the company as it looks to build on its targeted advertising service.


Happy Birthday Google

Google took time out from its ongoing contest with Bing to celebrate its fourteenth birthday this week, and naturally it created a special Google Doodle for the occasion.

For the first time, their anniversary doodle was an interactive affair, comprising a birthday cake that was slowly 'eaten' to reveal the company name and candles used to signify the number 14.

Previous efforts have seen various letters in the word Google transformed into the number four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and eleven, while early attempts usually featured a cake in front of the company logo. Last year, it created a retro doodle that acted as a tribute to their previous offerings.

Debate persists as to the company's actual birthday, with cases put forward for the day it was established (7 September) and the domain name registration (15 September). However, Google appears to have chosen 27 September as its official celebration.


Apple seeks out Google Map developers

After its new map app proved less than successful, Apple is rumoured to be actively seeking out staff with experience of Google Maps to try and salvage the situation.

When the iOS6 launch was planned, Apple announced that it would be dropping the long-standing Google Maps feature that had been present on every previous iPhone and introducing its own map.

However, since the download became available, users have been noticing strange features in the system. The Manchester Evening News found one of Manchester Airport's runways was shown as having a large chasm in the middle, while in Ireland a farm was mistakenly labelled as an airport, prompting politicians to label the map "dangerous".

Apple has created a new 3D flyover' perspective of the streets in a bid to make searches clearer, as opposed to Google's default bird's eye view setting. However, with errors marring the launch, it appears they may be urgently looking to add to their development team with staff from their mobile platform rival.

Written by James Riches


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