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Facebook removes violent videos – Apple reveals the iPad Air – Samsung apologises to China

Facebook puts up decapitation, then removes it again

On Monday Facebook announced the site had removed its ban on violent videos, reinstating the video of a woman being beheaded by a masked man to the site. By Wednesday Facebook had announced a U-turn on the decision following widespread criticism and backlash from the public and charities alike.

Facebook initially removed the violent content after the Family Online Safety Institute complained that the site had "crossed a line". The charity's leader Stephen Balkam informed the BBC that he was surprised by Monday's development; Facebook claimed their reason for returning the content to the site was in the name of freedom of information, but any glorification of violence would be immediately removed.

The firm explained its revised policy in a press release on Wednesday. This stated that Facebook will firstly allow some graphic content but none that celebrates violence, and secondly that it will consider whether the person posting the content is doing so responsibly with a commentary to warn viewers.

The press release concluded:

"Based on these enhanced standards, we have re-examined recent reports of graphic content and have concluded that this content improperly and irresponsibly glorifies violence. For this reason, we have removed it."

Apple reveals the iPad Air

Apple revealed its latest iPad on Wednesday in San Francisco due to go on sale on 1 November; just in time for Christmas.

The iPad Air is the 5th iPad from Apple and has already inspired a frenzy of interest from the general public, not least because of Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston providing the voice for the Air's advert.

The iPad Air is the company's sleekest model yet weighing only 454g, and at just 7.5mm thick it is the thinnest and lightest iPad to date.

It is also technically superior to its predecessors; with its 64-bit A7X processor it has double the performance power of any iPad that has come before, and with an A7 chip providing its power it is faster and more responsive than generations one to four.

Sheltering in the shadows of the iPad Air, Apple also unveiled the new iPad mini at the event. The new mini tops previous generations with a few simple additions including retina display and the A7 chip.

Both iPads are expected to sell well once they hit the shelves in November, the 16GB version of the mini will retail at £319 whilst prices for the iPad Air start at £399.


Samsung apologises to Chinese consumers

The Korean company has issued an apology to consumers in China following a number of problems with Samsung handsets.

Samsung explained the situation after China's state broadcaster criticised the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer in a half hour long program late on Monday night. The broadcast on China Central Television (CCTV) focussed on Samsung's Galaxy S and Note smartphones for crashing up to 30 times a day.

In a statement released on its Chinese website, Samsung stated: "We welcome the scrutiny by the media. As a result of management problems, we have brought inconveniences to consumers, and we offer our sincere apologies."

Samsung are not the first major corporation to be heavily criticised by CCTV, the broadcaster also accused Starbucks of charging higher prices in China than any other market. While in March this year Apple's CEO Tim Cook apologised to Chinese consumers, after CCTV revealed that the iPhone provider had been using different warranty and customer service policies in China than in other countries.

The smartphone company will be repairing the faulty Galaxy S3 and Note 2 devices for free, and provide a refund for those who have already paid for their phones to be fixed.



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