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Google ads for Yahoo – Vine gets adult rating – Oreo enjoys Superbowl blackout

Google ads to appear on Yahoo

Google is thought to be preparing to run some of its AdSense display adverts on Yahoo sites.

Talks between the companies began last year when Ross Levinsohn was the interim CEO at Yahoo. When he left, it was thought that the idea may quietly go away. Of course, Yahoo then hired Marissa Mayer from Google, and she appears to have reignited the prospect.

Such a move would make Google one of the many companies Yahoo describes as a 'contextual ads partner', and would see targeted advertising from Google put before the Yahoo user based on what they have been searching for previously.

Mayer recently brought in former Google ad executive Henrique de Castro as Chief Operating Officer, and has also been vocal in her criticism of Yahoo's current search advertising deal with Microsoft.

She was famously only the twentieth employee ever to work at Google, so her decision to look to her former home for solutions is perhaps not too surprising.

Yahoo has also released a blog on the subject, saying: "For our users, there won't be a noticeable difference in how or where ads appear. More options simply mean greater flexibility."


Twitter's Vine given adult rating

Twitter's new video sharing facility Vine has been given an adult rating on Apple's app store after complaints that some of its content was not suitable for younger viewers.

Initially, the service had a successful launch, with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo providing a demonstration for users with a six-second clip showing how to make steak tartare.

Users immediately began creating their own short videos, but problems arose when an item showing adult content was listed among the 'Editor's Picks'. This quickly also rose to the top of the 'Most Viewed' rankings, prompting complaints from parents.

Having initially rated Vine as suitable for ages 12 and over, Apple has now given it the highest possible rating of 17+. Meanwhile, Twitter has apologised, blaming "human error" for the appearance of the material.

Despite this increased rating, some are concerned that children will still be able to access the app, which does not vet any of its content. Apple's store includes a warning message on any adult-rated apps, but this can quite easily be clicked away.

A spokesperson for the NSPCC called on parents to pay more attention to what their children do with their smartphones.


Oreo capitalises on Superbowl blackout

As one of the most watched sporting events in the world, the Superbowl is always a prime target for advertisers. Such is the level of exposure granted, this year companies paid as much as £2.5 million for a 30-second spot.

However, the team at Oreo managed to gain plenty of attention without spending anything at all, after taking full advantage of the power failure that interrupted the third quarter.

Capitalising on a 35-minute break in play while the problem was fixed, Oreo quickly released an advert on Twitter that told viewers "you can still dunk in the dark". Barely an hour after its creation, the ad had been retweeted over 10,000 times and favourite by more than 18,000 people.

Of the well known brands who paid to ensure a primetime spot during the coverage, M&Ms came away with the best result, appearing as the top search term on Google after its 'Love Ballad' effort was broadcast.

Written by James Riches


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