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Google completes £1 billion Waze purchase – Automatic camera captures everyday life – E.T style flying bike becomes reality

Google purchases map software Waze

Google has completed the purchase of social mapping service Waze, with the total value believed to be around £1billion.

The sale has been widely speculated for some time, with reports that Google and Facebook's interest in Waze may lead to a bidding war between the internet giants. It is believed that Facebook did indeed make a bid, but it was not sufficient to outdo that of the leading online search engine providers.

While Google have now purchased the company, it remains to be seen how it will be used. With Google already the market leading map provider, speculation has so far indicated that many Waze features will be integrated into their existing service, instead of allowing their purchase to run independently as was the case with YouTube.

With Yahoo! recently investing in Tumblr and Facebook's purchase of Instagram last year, deals worth billions of pounds are clearly becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence.


The constantly on camera which captures your life

A recently unveiled camera called < a target="_blank" title="Memoto is thought to be the first ever automatic always on camera" href="">Memoto offers the opportunity to create a unique journal of a user's life, automatically capturing a photo every thirty seconds.

The camera is clipped on to the collar of a user, taking unprompted images without the need for a button to be pressed or focus to be set. The idea behind the camera is to be used in the same way as 'dash cams', which are particularly popular in Russia due to the large rate of car accidents which occur in the country. These cameras are also increasing in popularity in the United States, with some insurance companies insisting on the inclusion of recording devices.

The Memoto has enough battery life to photograph constantly for two days, and can be recharged by plugging the device in to a computer. As well as charging the camera, this will automatically transfer all images from the camera on to the hard drive of the computer.

Memoto CEO Martin Kallstrom rejected claims that the camera would be invasive to privacy, stating that he hoped the devices would help to prevent individuals being falsely accused of offences they did not commit.


Inventor creates flying bike

Until now, the idea of a flying bike has strictly been limited to within the confines of films such as children's classic E.T.

However, a recent unveiling in the Czech Republic gave onlookers an ideal opportunity to phone home with exciting news, as a remote controlled flying bike was demonstrated for the first time. Duratec Cycles worked alongside Technodat and Evektor to produce the bike, which it is hoped will eventually ease congestion and help commuters enjoy a faster journey to work.

The prototype of the flying bike was demonstrated by a dummy rather than a real life passenger, but operated flawlessly and landed safely at the first time of asking. A large audience at the International Engineering Fair in Brno was hugely impressed by the invention, with the flight appearing safe and stable. However, the prototype version of the vehicle currently only has enough battery power for five minutes of flight, meaning that intergalactic travel on the seat of a bicycle will have to be put back on hold, at least for now.

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