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Google lets devs respond – Monopoly token vote – Ronaldo the advertiser

Google to allow app developers right of reply

App developers on Google Play will soon be allowed to respond directly to comments on their creation.

Previously, the download store had only permitted those who it classed as 'top' developers to interact with reviewers, but this is set to expand to include everyone who adds their app to the site.

This capability will be rolled out gradually over the coming days, and was discovered by the developers themselves rather than being officially announced by Google.

The move has been seen by some as a point scored against other app store offerings from companies such as Apple, which do not permit any interaction at all.

Google has long sought to improve communication in this area, and as of November has allowed users to comment on apps only after signing in with a Google+ account.

With many people placing great weight on user reviews before making their purchase, this is likely to be seen by developers as a positive move, as they can now provide quick responses and clarifications to nip negative feedback in the bud.

Google has already enjoyed some success over its rival in the last few weeks, with the release of its new Google Maps service for iOS completing its comeback after Apple removed it to make way for its own ill-fated map app.


Monopoly unveils social media vote for new token

Iconic board game Monopoly is letting fans decide which new playing piece will be added to their collection with a social media campaign.

Manufacturer Hasbro has thrown the vote open to users, who can state their preference on the official Monopoly Facebook page or use the Twitter hashtag #tokenvote.

Five potential new pieces have been created, some of which reflect the technological advancements made since the game was first released in the UK in the 1950s. Voters can choose from a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring or cat.

However, there is a twist, as fans will also have to select one of the original pieces to be removed from the game in order to make way for the new token. Fans of the game will have grown attached to the battleship, boot, car, iron, Scottie dog, thimble, top hat and wheelbarrow down the years, but they will have to hope that their favourite is saved once the votes are counted.

Fan feedback and early indications provided by newspaper polls suggest the arguably unglamorous thimble and wheelbarrow could be in danger, while the robot appears to be enjoying plenty of support.

Hasbro will be hoping this generates plenty of interest in the game, and emulates the success many companies have had using social media. For example, in September, Kellogg's offered users snacks in exchange for tweets.


Ronaldo comes to London

World famous football icon Ronaldo has announced he is set for an imminent move to London.

Before fans get excited, we should add that this is the retired Brazilian striker, rather than the Real Madrid and Portugal star.

The 36-year-old is set to link up with advertising guru Sir Martin Sorrell at his company WPP, amid reports that he will undertake work on sports marketing agency 9ine. Originally set up by Ronaldo, it received investment from WPP in 2010.

WPP has already made use of Ronaldo's knowledge of the game, including him as an adviser in their work on the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympics, both of which will take place in the striker's home country.

An enthusiastic Ronaldo told reporters: "I won't leave [Sir Martin] alone. I'll be asking him questions the whole day, just like a striker. He's going to have to tell me everything."

In a playing career spanning 18 years, he scored goals at the highest level for PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan, as well as Cruzeiro and Corinthians in Brazil. He is also the top all-time World Cup goal scorer with 15, including two in the 2002 final victory.

Written by James Riches


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