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Google teams with KitKat – Authenticator fails – Politician snapped playing iPhone poker in meeting

Google unveils Android KitKat

Google sprung a surprise on everyone this week by revealing that their latest Android update would be named after Nestl


Authenticator app causes problems for users

Google has had to withdraw the latest iPhone version of its Authenticator app after users reported the update had wiped all their settings and locked them out of their accounts.

Authenticator is used to provide a two-step authentication process for emails and any other accounts users wish to protect. This has become a bigger issue in recent months after several high profile hacks were reported, including content management system WordPress and several social media accounts.

Previously, users only needed a username and password to access accounts, but as these were proving easier than ever to bypass, apps like Authenticator add another stage. A six-figure code provided by the app must also be entered to complete a successful login.

The fault is thought to only present a mild inconvenience in the short term, as users simply re-enter their details. However, with Apple reportedly planning to phase in automatic app updates, such serious errors could become more of an issue in future.


Politician caught playing iPhone games in Syria summit

US Senator John McCain caused a stir on Wednesday after he was photographed by a Washington Post reporter playing poker on his iPhone in the middle of an important political meeting.

Arizona Senator McCain, who famously lost the 2008 US presidential election to Barack Obama, was attending a meeting discussing the possible use of military action against Syria. Many key politicians, including Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry, spoke at the debate.

The image has been shared across social media, but McCain attempted to laugh off the incident, tweeting: "Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing - worst of all I lost!"

The 77-year-old Republican may have felt it unnecessary to listen to any more debate, having already given former rival Obama his conditional backing to take action against Syria.

Written by James Riches


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