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Graphic Facebook Images -Largest Kickstarter Investment – Best ALS Buckets

Facebook may rethink image(s)

This week, the team at Facebook were asked to rethink the policy for images on the site, after pictures of a strong graphic nature were published by a Syrian opposition group and caused an influx of complaints.

Speaking to the BBC, a Facebook spokesperson said "Our goal is to strike a balance between allowing people to comment on the often brutal world around them, whilst protecting people from the most graphic of content."

But critics offer two different perspectives. Dr Bernie Hogan, a social networks researcher at the University of Oxford said that to protect people, images need tags such as NSFW. Whereas the digital rights group La Quadrature du Net said it would be concerned if Facebook has to decide which images are hidden, comparing that situation to "some kind of private police".


Most funded Kickstarter ever

Next up, the most funded Kickstarter project ever is due to finish taking pledges. It's called 'the Coolest' and is a combination of all the essential ingredients for an outdoor party; that's including a cooler, speakers, a bottle opener and more.

At time of writing people have pledged over $11.5 million to the project, compared to its initial goal of $50,000. And the Coolest leaps past its predecessor, the Pebble Smart watch that got about $10 million, to claim the largest funded throne.

The man behind the Coolest, Ryan Grepper, offered high investors an oddball incentive. For eight pledges of over $2k will have the pleasure of Grepper flying out to man their private bar with his prototype. Grepper says "I make incredible drinks and dogs and kids like me."


Best of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

And finally, unless you've been living under a laptop without the internet, you're probably aware of the ice bucket challenge.

For those who did find themselves hermetically sealed, the ALS ice bucket challenge is an online social media craze to raise awareness for ALS, otherwise known as motor-neuron disease. To do so, participants throw a bucket of ice over their heads.

As well as spreading across Facebook it's gained the attention of Big Names across the world, and surprisingly not just from us at theEword. Here are our favourite celebrity splashes:

Since beginning in July the campaign has raised over $100 million for charity.

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