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HTC – Twitter redesign – PIN code study

HTC reveals new devices

HTC has released details of two new smartphones which are seen as vital to the success of the company, with profits falling recently. Details of the Windows Phone 8 devices were announced at an event in New York, as HTC look to take on Apple and Samsung.

The latest editions of the Windows Phone offer two choices, the main difference being a slightly smaller screen on the 8S model. The Windows Phone 8S offers a 4-inch screen, in comparison to the 4.3 inches on the regular model.

Despite being well received by critics, the Windows Phone 7 did not sell as well as hoped, due to the incredible popularity of the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone. This makes the release of the newest model hugely important for HTC as they look to keep up with the other major players in the smartphone industry.

The release date for these devices is yet to be revealed, while the number of countries the phones will be available in also remains a mystery. What we do know is the success or failure of the HTC 8X will have huge significance to the future of HTC.


Fresh look for Twitter

Social media site Twitter has launched a new look, adding a number of features and improving the functionality of pictures and videos.

One of the main changes is allowing a user to create a cover image for their profile, in a similar style to the Facebook timeline. This is part of a major revamp of how images work on Twitter, with the last six images posted by the user now showing up next to their latest tweets.

Reaction to the new Twitter layout has generally been good, with a message declaring it superior to the previous format retweeted over 700 times and many more supportive tweets being added. The layout is also optimised to work better on mobile devices, which is important as up to 80 per cent of Twitter users access the site through their phones.

Twitter has around 150 million users at the last count, and has become part of everyday life for many people. Everything from the latest news to sporting results or simply what your friends are up to can easily be accessed through Twitter, with this new look only adding to its popularity.


The least and most popular PIN

8068. According to data analysis company Data Genetics, these four numbers make up the least frequent PIN code, used by under 0.001 per cent of people. Meanwhile, 20 per cent of people used either 0000, 1111 or 1234.

Apart from these simple codes, it showed that there was an extremely high chance of a PIN starting with 19, reflecting either a year of birth or significant event such as anniversary or birth of first child, with all codes starting in this fashion in the 80th percentile of popularity. A DD/MM format was also found to be highly popular, for example 1225 for Christmas Day.

Other general data found that people are more likely to use odd numbers to even, meaning 1357 ranks higher than 2468. Out of the 10,000 possible combinations of four numbers, there are very few unique ones. Over 5,000 combinations make up the top 426 popular PIN codes, showing that huge amounts of potential PIN figures are equal in popularity.

PIN codes are predicted to drop significantly in popularity in the coming years, with many smartphone devices offering contactless payment, however many will be intrigued by this study into human behaviour and the numbers we trust to protect our finances.

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