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ICO responds to Google ruling – Pinterest expands analytics tool – eBay to force users to change passwords

ICO responds to Google's

The UK's data privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (the ICO) has responded to the Court of Justice of the European Union's ruling of Google's privacy case on 13th May.

Following a complaint, the Court set a precedent when it ruled that a user had the right to have links to web pages about him removed from Google's search results when the passage of time had made them "irrelevant".

The ICO, who will now be responsible for resolving such complaints when a search engine refuses to take action, released its first official statement in a blog post on Wednesday 21st May. The post written by David Smith, director of data protection at the ICO, stated that as a result of the Court's ruling it would focus on "evidence of damage and distress to individuals" when it reviews complaints about the search engine:

"This judgment was only made last week, and the companies will need some time to work out how they're going to handle this... We won't be ruling on any complaints until the search providers have had a reasonable time to put their systems in place and start considering requests."


Pinterest analytics opens up to third parties

In March 2013 the bookmarking social network introduced its own analytics for bloggers, businesses and organisations.

Pinterest has now opened up the tool to third party marketers who will be able to gain a better insight into how users are interacting with Pins. The bookmarking site revealed it has been working with a number of marketing technology developers including Salesforce and Hootsuite in order to grant access to some public data using an API known as 'Business Insights'.

Up until now only website owners have been able to use Pinterest Analytics to:

  • Track activity - view how many people have pinned from your website, viewed your Pins and clicked through to your content in a specified time frame
  • See which Pins get the most engagement - website owners can find out which Pins have been shared the most, who has interacted with them and what they are saying about your Pin, this information can be used to tailor your own boards and website

Pinterest also revealed earlier this month that it was carrying out a paid test with a small number of brands to use its 'Promoted Pins' feature within search and category feeds.


eBay confirms cyber attack

Global market place eBay has confirmed that a cyber attack has taken place on the site, following a blog post that appeared on the site on Tuesday night before being taken down, urging users to reset their passwords.

On Wednesday eBay published its official statement verifying that a cyber attack had compromised a database which contained encrypted passwords and other non-financial data. The company stated that there was no evidence of the hack resulting in unauthorised activity for eBay users, nor that the cyber criminals would be able to access any user financial information which is stored elsewhere.

However, the online market place has requested users to change their passwords stating that the cyber-criminals had compromised a "small number of employee log-in credentials", which could enable the hackers to access eBay's corporate network.

eBay's 128 million users accounted for $212bn (£126bn) of the California-based company's cumulative commerce from its various marketplaces and services in 2013. A spokesperson has said that eBay's engineers are in the process of building a feature that would require all members to change their passwords when they next log in to the site - this was expected to be operating by the end of Wednesday 21st May.



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