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In our weekly look back at some lighter news, we uncover upcoming Super Bowl adverts, a Google Chrome Lego app and how Rome is combating bad parking

Super Bowl controversy strikes

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of American sport, attracting billions of viewers across the world every year.

In addition to the game itself, the adverts during the commercial breaks attract almost as much attention across America, with every advertiser looking to create a lasting impression on the giant audience. Despite the fact the game does not even kick off until Sunday evening, one advert in particular has already created a significant storm.

An advert for Soda Stream featuring global superstar Scarlett Johansson has been banned from appearing during the Super Bowl coverage, with this news rapidly spreading across social media as fans speculated why it had been pulled.

Initial guesses referred to the seductive look given to the camera by Johansson as she uses the machine, but it was eventually discovered that it had been denied due a brief reference to Pepsi - one of the main sponsors of the Super Bowl.

The increased attention on social media is reminiscent of how Twitter exploded following a disputed Seattle Seahawks touchdown during the final seconds of an NFL encounter against the Green Bay Packers. While Soda Stream will not be on show during the Super Bowl, the power of social media has been demonstrated once again.


Google Chrome Lego unveiled

In an exciting new partnership between Lego and Google Chrome, internet users will now be able to use their imagination to build some incredible constructions right in their browser.

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser worldwide, while Lego has delighted both young and old for many years.

By bringing the two together with the Build With Chrome app, a whole new audience will be able to join in the fun.

Despite the app being in the very early days of development, some fantastic creations have already been shared across social media channels and popular sharing websites such as Reddit and Buzzfeed. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, however one Twitter user seemed concerned at how much time he would spend using the service, commenting: "Well, there goes my job, career, friends, family, life...".

Why not give it a try and send us a picture of your best creation through theEword Twitter account @theEword?


When in Rome...learn to park your car

Poor parking is one of the biggest annoyances for motorists and pedestrians alike, with vehicles carelessly parked often inspiring fits of rage.

The problem has been getting increasingly worse for citizens in Italian capital city Rome, forcing officials to take drastic action to try and encourage motorists to be more responsible with their parking manoeuvres.

A Twitter account has been established for social media users to report bad parking, with tweeters able to provide the official account with details of the car involved and where the parking calamity has taken place. Many individuals have been shaming those responsible further by including a picture in their tweet about bad parking, exposing the driving disaster to the world.

The account, which users the handle @PLRomaCapitale, has quickly attracted more than 3,000 followers and has been busy responding to the numerous good Samaritans sending in details of those breaking traffic laws. Only time will tell how successful the account will be in encouraging drivers to behave, but should it be successful, this tactic may be adopted all over the world.

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