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Largest ever smartphone – Bitcoin suffers crash – The £75,000 lost by BBC on missing gadgets

Samsung unveil biggest ever smartphone

Details have been revealed of the largest smartphone yet, with Samsung announcing the Galaxy Mega.

The latest device from one of the market leaders in smartphone technology will boast a screen size of 6.3 inches (16cm), which is only slightly smaller than many popular tablets. For example, the Google Nexus has a 7 inch screen, with the iPad just under 8 inches. The Galaxy Mega will be the latest addition to the so called 'Phablet' market, a combination of a phone and a tablet in the same device.

Samsung believes that the Galaxy Mega will be ideal for watching videos or running two apps at the same time, and have stated their belief that the size will not make the phone impractical. A demonstration by the technology giant showed that it was still possible for the Galaxy Mega to fit into the pockets of a user, which is one of the greatest concerns surrounding the ever growing size of the smartphone.

The previous record for the largest screen on a smartphone was also held by a South Korean company, with Pantech's Vega No. 6 device released in January and boasting a 5.9 inch display.


BBC lost £75k of electrical items since 2010

A freedom of information request surrounding BBC technology has shown that the broadcaster has lost electrical items of a total value of £75k in the last three years.

A total of 785 devices belonging to the BBC have been lost or stolen since 2010, made up of:

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  • 399 laptops - worth a total of £598,500
  • 347 mobiles - worth a total of £104,100
  • 39 tablets - worth a total of £58,500
  • 2012 saw significant increases in missing devices, with a total of 350 devices lost over the space of the previous 12 months, compared to 259 in 2011. This can perhaps be partly attributed to the growing popularity of tablets, with significantly more BBC employees likely to be using this technology than they were in 2011.

    A BBC spokesman commented: "We are very mindful that this equipment is paid for from the licence fee and we make every effort to keep theft and loss to a minimum", going on to say that they had implemented "a number of measures" to reduce the level of devices which were misplaced or stolen in the future.


    Bitcoin suffers dramatic crash

    Bitcoin , a form of digital currency which is extremely popular with gamers, has suffered a significant crash.

    The share price had previously been as high as $260 (£169), but dropped to lows of $130 (£84) on Wednesday afternoon , a dramatic plunge could be extremely worrying to users who rely on Bitcoin for their finances. What makes Bitcoin unique is the fact that it is not issued by a government or a bank, but relies on an online peer-to-peer network for distribution. The current value of a single Bitcoin is around £103, making this form of digital currency extremely valuable.

    Reasons for the collapse are yet to be confirmed, although it came just hours after an anonymous Reddit user gifted around $12,000 (£9,100) worth of Bitcoins to fellow members of the popular internet discussion site, seemingly at random. Speculation suggests that the two events may be connected, although there has been no confirmation on any cause for the plunge. This is not the first time Reddit has had an impact on a major news story, after the Barack Obama AMA (Ask Me Anything) session in the run up to his re-election as President.

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