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Matt Cutts goes on leave – World Cup semi-final breaks tweet record – Google releases AdWords Editor 10.5

Google's Matt Cutts goes on leave until November

Last week Matt Cutts announced that he is set to go on leave for a few months.

The SEO guru and Webspam chief has been at Google since the turn of the millennium, and says it's now time for him to switch off and spend some quality time with his wife.

Cutts, who joined Google as a software engineer, is perhaps best known for pioneering the first version of SafeSearch - Google's 'family filter' - and he continues to be a hugely influential figure in the SEO industry.

He explained that when he joined Google he made an agreement with his wife that he would concentrate heavily on work for between four and five years, and then the two of them would be able to enjoy a break.

However, his busy schedule has meant that this holiday was put on hold. This year alone, he has provided insight on duplicate content and discouraged the use of article directories. Cutts is taking that holiday now - around nine years late. He is adamant that he won't be checking his emails during his leave.

He reassured site owners that his colleagues are more than ready to hold the fort whilst he and his wife finally put their feet up.


Google releases AdWords Editor 10.5

On Monday it was announced on Google+ that the latest version of AdWords Editor - 10.5 - was available for download.

This upgrade to the online advertising service helps users to further specify their Shopping campaigns, and it also aims to save users a considerable amount of time by allowing them to bulk edit.

The Shopping campaign management feature will enable users to alter their settings easily and also sort their products into 'product groups' via the Targeting function.

The 'Hide deleted ads' option has been removed with this update, as Google has decided not to show any deleted ads at all.

This AdWords Editor upgrade offers users a way to vastly improve their reach over the Google Display Network.


Germany vs. Brazil becomes most-tweeted football game ever

Tuesday night's World Cup semi-final between the tournament's host Brazil and European hopefuls Germany took over Twitter timelines like no game of football (or any sport) ever has previously.

The game amassed a total of 35.6 million tweets, surpassing the previous record-holder - this year's Superbowl - by 10.7 million.

The one-sided nature of the match shocked many fans and prompted a huge spike in Twitter traffic, with incidents before and during the match prompting a fresh flurry of tweets.

The fact that the host nation were vanquished so violently on home ground naturally got a lot of people tweeting, as did David Luiz's teary post-match interview.

When Germany's third goal made it clear how the game was going to turn out, there were just over 497,000 tweets being sent per minute. Two minutes later, their next goal prompted a further tweet surge to just under 509,000.

Germany's fifth - scored by Sami Khedira - brought the tweets-per-minute figure to 580,166.

Written by Rachel Hand


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