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Mobile adspend to increase – Facebook embarrassed by data error – tech for Glastonbury

Rapid rise expected in UK mobile adspend

Analysts predict that the UK mobile advertising market will be worth as much as £1 billion by the end of 2013.

With companies targeting smartphone, tablet and app revenues, it is thought the amount spent on mobile ads will increase 90 per cent year-on-year. A target of £3.7 billion has been forecast for 2017, which if correct will see mobile account for around 44 per cent of the country's digital advertising market.

To put these figures in context, the equivalent estimate for 2012, which saw digital advertising above £5 billion, was £526 million, while back in 2011 the market was only thought to be worth £203 million.

This dramatic increase has been attributed to the UK's apparent passion for gadgets. Tablets are more prevalent than ever, and figures suggest our smartphone use is among the highest in the world.

Mobile is just one component of a booming digital advertising market that is set to overtake all other forms of advertising by 2016. It is thought that by this time digital will account for £7.9 million of the market, compared with £7.8 million generated by the combined efforts of television, radio, print and outdoor campaigns.


Six million people affected by Facebook bug

The personal details of around six million Facebook users were accidentally revealed after an error occurred in the social media giant's data archive.

Users saw their email addresses and phone numbers shared without their consent, after they were inadvertently mixed in with data normally used to generate friend suggestions.

Facebook said it was "upset and embarrassed" by the mistake, but stressed that there was no evidence to the suggest the details were being used maliciously.

It added that in the vast majority of cases these details would only have been shared with people known to the profile holder, and confirmed that the issue, which was uncovered by an outside developer, had since been corrected.

It is a disappointing end to a busy fortnight for Facebook. There are rumours it is planning to develop an alternative to the outgoing Google Reader, while it also launched video content for Instagram earlier this week in an attempt to rival Twitter's Vine.


Glastonbury tech helps festival-goers keep up to date

The world famous Glastonbury festival has begun welcoming campers to Worthy Farm this week in preparation for another memorable line up of star names from the world of music.

The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons are among the headline acts this year, but fans may also notice some new features which will help keep them connected to the outside world.

Mobile network EE has taken command of an environmentally friendly bio-diesel tractor, which will become a '4G hotspot' for revellers across the weekend. It will travel around the site and allow fans situated within 10 metres of the vehicle the chance to access the internet.

Even those not attending will still be able to stay involved with the Glastonbury fun, as Musicmetric has introduced a new feature that will reveal who's generating the most interest across the event. Updated in real time, it will show which acts are getting the most attention on Twitter, with the top ten enjoying a brief moment in the limelight.

Written by James Riches


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