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Obama snubs Google+ – Trump’s Twitter tirade – Romney site error

Google+ left out of Obama celebrations

As Mitt Romney finally conceded defeat to Barack Obama in the US election this week, the re-elected president was already celebrating with his social media followers.

Obama's tweet, which proclaimed 'Four more years' and was accompanied by a photo of him hugging his wife Michelle, was already on its way to becoming the most shared message in the site's history even before his Republican challenger had officially ended the contest.

Further posts also garnered record-breaking attention on Facebook and Instagram, but amidst celebrations the President's Google+ account remained untouched, with the most recent message appearing just before voting began.

Since launching his account in November 2011, Obama has amassed some 2.3 million followers, well below his 23 million Twitter followers and 33 million Facebook likes.

Even so, the snub has been regarded as surprising in some quarters due to the fact that the President conducted a successful Google+ hangout in January, during which he even managed to convert a Republican voter to his cause.

Despite this, Obama's use of social media during the election has been a success, with statistics earlier in the week showing that his content was shared and viewed online at a much higher rate than Romney's. The President also interacted with Reddit users during his campaign.


Trump Twitter tantrum at Obama win

US tycoon Donald Trump was not at all happy to see Barack Obama back in the White House, and took to Twitter in an astonishing rant as the result was announced.

The Apprentice star, a prominent supporter of Mitt Romney throughout the campaign, protested strongly at the outcome, branding it a "disgusting injustice", a "travesty", a "disaster" and a "total sham" in a series of tweets.

Trump told his Twitter followers: "We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!"

He went on to claim that "we are not a democracy" and "the world is laughing at us", while also claiming Obama had lost the popular vote, a message he later deleted along with several other comments.

His reaction is unsurprising, as Trump has famously been a vocal critic of the President throughout his time in office, demanding that Obama release his birth certificate to prove he was born in the US. The state of Hawaii was subsequently officially revealed as Mr Obama's birthplace.

Despite this, Trump has continued to suggest that he does not believe Obama is eligible for office, recently offering to donate $5 million to charity if he could see his college and passport records.


Romney 'President' website accidentally revealed

Mitt Romney may have lost the election, but it appears was certainly preparing for victory after a draft website showing his vision for the future and inauguration date was mistakenly made available by creators SolutionStream.

As they built the site, the Utah company accidentally placed it on a server which could be accessed by anyone, resulting in its discovery by several media outlets.

It showed quotes attributed to Mr Romney saying: "I'm excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America", while another read: "We have to stand for our principles, stand for our allies, stand for a strong military and stand for a stronger economy."

The site also referred to "President-elect Romney" and told readers he would unveil his Cabinet nominees shortly. While the site was taken down very quickly, it was too late to stop the drafts being shared online and ranking on SERPs.

The Republican candidate has not commented on the error, nor has he made much mention of the result on social media, with no tweets posted since he conceded defeat and his Facebook page only adding photographs.

Written by James Riches


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