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Pay by tweet with American Express – Truly interactive film launches – The trend of the fake Facebook girlfriend

American Express to launch 'pay by tweet'

American Express and Twitter have announced they are developing a 'pay by tweet' system, which would allow verified users to pay for items using the social network service.

By linking their credit or debit cards with the service, users would be able to pay for items simply by replying to a tweet from a company offering a special deal or promotion. To encourage customers to pay using this method, users would be entitled to special discounts from major websites such as Amazon for certain items. While this would be the first project of this scale, it is not the first instance of customers being able to pay with a tweet.

Kellogg's have previously operated a tweet shop, in which social media users would be rewarded for sending a tweet with a Kellogg's product.

Taking part of the profits from this American Express initiative could provide an additional source of income, after it was revealed this week that the cost of a promoted trend had risen to $200,000 (£129,000) a day.


Interactive film inspired by audience

A truly unique film experience has been developed in Plymouth, with 'Many Worlds' reacting to the emotions of the audience and changing the storyline accordingly.

Members of the audience are attached to sensors, monitoring heart rate, muscle tension, brain waves and perspiration. The reaction of these audience members to certain events in the film then determine what happens next, with a total of four possible endings depending on the response of the audience members to certain points during the film.

The Many Worlds promo explains the concept further, with the inspiration behind the project Alexis Kirke explaining in detail how the film experience works.

He explains how this kind of film is not meant to replace the traditional cinema experience in which viewers are immersed in a linear storyline, but is instead designed to be a unique standalone experience that responds to you, ensuring the story is likely to be extremely different each time you watch. With 3D films increasing in popularity at rapid speed, this is the latest innovation to increase the levels of interaction with the story of a film.


The fake Facebook girlfriend

An unusual new social media trend is emerging, with more and more users purchasing a fake Facebook girlfriend.

For as little as $5 (£3.23), users will be able to change their status to 'in a relationship', with comments and wall posts from their new found love appearing throughout the course of a week. While this may seem like a bizarre and needless expense to many, it is clear that there is indeed a high level of demand for such a service, with thousands of willing customers and 'girlfriends' taking part in such deals.

The founder of one online source offering this service reveals they received 85,000 emails within three weeks, proving there is clearly money to be had from such an operation.

This is not the only occasion on which users have attempted to make money through the popular social media platform, with many thousands of users snapping up Facebook shares last year.

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