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Poster advertises two messages – Magazine advert with free Wi-Fi – Destination Mars for YouTube stars

One poster, two messages

Lenticular printing has been used in a Spanish campaign designed to combat child abuse, with a poster which displays different messages, depending on whether it is being viewed by a child or an adult.

The concept of lenticular printing is not a new one, but this is perhaps the best example of how the process can be helpful, rather than merely aesthetically pleasing. Previous instances of this form of printing include stickers which appear to move, with these images often seen on stationery or school lunchboxes.

This campaign has been organised by the Anar Foundation, with a special helpline accompanied by the words "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we'll help you". The idea behind making the message secret was due to the fear that the child being abused may be accompanied by their attacker, who could dissuade them from calling the number provided. By ensuring that only children will see the helpful message, the charity can rest assured that the message is getting out to the right people.


Magazine with free Wi-Fi

An advert placed in the latest issue of Forbes by Microsoft has been hailed as revolutionary, offering readers 15 days of free Wi-Fi use, simply by having a copy of the magazine.

The advert takes up a total of four pages, containing an extremely thin router and battery between the pages. The Wi-Fi can be used by up to five users simultaneously, and will work for 15 days free-of-charge. Microsoft placed the advert to promote their Office 365 software, which allows users to work on projects wherever they are and on a range of different devices, including PCs, Macs and certain smartphone handsets.

Wi-Fi has become a massive part of modern day life, as the number of smartphone devices, tablets and laptop computers in use continues to grow rapidly. The number of UK Wi-Fi zones is growing at a similar rate, with more and more businesses using free Wi-Fi to promote their products or business.


Reality show with a one way ticket to Mars

A reality TV show with a difference has begun auditioning for contestants on YouTube, with the prize on offer a one way ticket to Mars for the four eventual winners.

More than 80,000 people have applied for the mission so far, undeterred by the fact they will never return from the red planet if successful. The extraordinary project is the creation of Dutch company Mars One, with founder Bas Lansdorp commenting: "Mars One is a mission representing all humanity and its true spirit will be justified only if people from the entire world are represented. I'm proud that this is exactly what we see happening".

The ambition to reach out to the whole world has certainly been fulfilled so far, with applicants from more than 120 countries, the United States providing the largest number of potential space explorers so far (17,000). To apply, users must submit a YouTube video answering three questions, demonstrating why they are suitable to represent the human race.

As well as being asked why they would like to go to Mars and what makes them the ideal candidate, applicants are also asked to demonstrate their sense of humour, suggesting that Mars One are keen that planet Earth is represented in a positive and engaging manner to any potential extraterrestrials they may come across, as well as making for good TV.

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