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Social Media’s fastest growing brands – Smartphone with backwards button – Singing space robot

Fastest growing social media brands revealed

A new study has revealed the ten brands which enjoyed the greatest success in July, with Google coming out on top above a number of big names.

Amongst those making up the top ten fastest growing social media brands were Coca Cola, Walt Disney and Twitter, despite the criticism of how abuse was reported on Twitter.

YouTube and Instagram also found their way onto the list, with Instagram likely to have been boosted by their recent addition of video capability and YouTube enjoying a surge thanks to their #geekweek.

The remaining members of the list also showed how quickly the right campaign can grow your brand, as Samsung Mobile gained an extra million fans due to their work alongside Jay Z and Nike benefited from an extensive campaign targeting 10k race runners in Sydney.

Meanwhile, MTV chose to announce award nominees via Vine leading to a greatly increased number of followers, and the 125th anniversary of National Geographic helped them to achieve an extra 14 million YouTube views.


Smartphone with buttons on the back

There was an interesting development in the world of smartphone design this week, as LG announced plans for a device with buttons on the back of the handset.

When explaining the decision, a company spokesperson stated they had found that: "Moving the main buttons to the back of the phone gave users more control since this place was where individuals' index fingers are naturally located."

Commenting further on the radical design move, LG said they had also found that moving buttons to the back also resulted in less individuals dropping their handset during a call when attempting to adjust volume.

While the popularity of services such as Instagram and Snapchat has caused a significant increase in the number of 'self portrait' pictures taken by smartphone users, it remains to be seen whether or not a designated button for this purpose will catch on.

Smartphones continue to grow in size at a steady rate, meaning it is almost certain the way in which mobile devices are used will change in the coming years. By anticipating this change, LG will be hoping to lead the way in the smartphone redesign revolution.


In space, nobody can hear you sing

Over the past year, the Curiosity Space Rover has inspired millions and provided intriguing information with its tweets from Mars. However, as the anniversary of its launch arrived, the poor robot was left with nobody to sing it happy birthday.

Fortunately, the team at NASA were on hand to provide some birthday cheer for Curiosity, sending the robot a series of commands which allowed it to play the tune to the famous celebratory song.

While the intrepid exploring robot is more likely to have been enjoying samples of rocks and soil than birthday cake, the following video from NASA shows that it was not completely forgotten after all.

Everybody at theEword would like to wish Curiosity a very happy birthday, but with Mars roughly 140,000,000 miles away from Earth, it may take some time for a card to arrive...

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