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Twitter changes timeline – Judge calls for Secret app ban – Kate Bush says no cameras at gigs

Twitter redefines its timeline

Twitter's Help Center page now states that timelines will occasionally feature tweets from accounts that users do not follow and have not been retweeted onto their timeline.

The newly added paragraph declares: "When we identify a Tweet or other content that's popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. We select each Tweet using a variety of signals, including how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it. Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting."

The change has reportedly upset many seasoned Twitter users, who complain that they will now be faced with tweets that are of no interest or relevance to them.

It has been noted that some third-party Twitter apps, such as Echofon and Tweetbot, have hitherto not been affected by the change. TweetDeck, on the other hand, reflects the timeline change as it is owned by Twitter.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a mute feature which allowed users to hide tweets from users they would rather hear less from. This tweak was well-received as it meant that users could essentially unfollow without offending the user in question.


Brazilian judge wants to ban Secret app

Brazilian judge wants to ban Secret app

Brazilian Judge Paulo Cesar de Carvalho has called for the app Secret to be removed from Google Play and the App Store.

Secret allows users to anonymously share pieces of information with friends and the general public alike. Judge de Carvalho believes it promotes bullying, and has also called for Secret's client app, Cryptic, to be removed.

He argues that Secret goes against Brazil's constitution, which declares that anonymous freedom of expression is not allowed.

In addition to making the apps unavailable for future download, Judge de Carvalho wants the app to be removed from existing users' devices.

It has been reported that this call for removal was sparked by a nude picture post on Secret that stated its subject was HIV-positive.

Bullying and nudity are banned according to Secret's Community Guidelines, the introductory paragraph of which states: "We believe anonymity empowers people to share their deepest thoughts and feelings, sparking genuine conversations that would otherwise be impossible. It is our hope that our users will help us create a community that is a safe and liberating place for users to authentically express themselves."

Judge de Carvalho wants the app to be taken down from the three aforementioned app stores by 30th August, or face fines of up to 20,000 Brazilian real (£5,400) each day it remains available thereafter.


Kate Bush says no phones or tablets at gigs

Singer Kate Bush has said that at her upcoming shows she would like attendees to concentrate on the music rather than taking photos and filming.

A statement posted in the news section of her website reads: "We have purposefully chosen an intimate theatre setting rather than a large venue or stadium. It would mean a great deal to me if you would please refrain from taking photos or filming during the shows. I very much want to have contact with you as an audience, not with iPhones, iPads or cameras. I know it's a lot to ask but it would allow us to all share in the experience together."

The 15 appearances she will make at London's Hammersmith Apollo this month and next are her first full live shows since 1979, when she was just 20 years old.

Bush is not the first musician to speak out against filming at gigs, as Beyonce Knowles, Jarvis Cocker and Johnny Marr have also expressed disapproval.

The issue has also been recently raised with regards to live football, as this week a group of PSV Eindhoven fans urged fellow supporters, in so many words, to forget about the stadium's Wi-Fi facilities and support the team. Earlier this month Manchester United banned iPads and other tablet devices from Old Trafford.

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