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Twitter makes headlines, Nokia cuts jobs and Angry Birds joins the NFL

Tweet all about it

Twitter is to allow its users to access news stories even quicker than before, joining with its media partners to introduce additional content into expanded tweets. Until now, expanding a tweet was mostly used as a quick way to view pictures or videos included in a message, but as of this week readers will be able to instantly assess whether a news story is relevant to them before clicking the link to the full article.

Expanding a news snippet will reveal the headline and opening paragraph of a story, and may also provide the Twitter accounts of the writer and publisher, as well as accessing official photo and video content. Versions for iPhone and Android are already in the pipeline, an important step for the UK's many mobile Twitter users. Twitter partners such as Time Magazine, Der Spiegel and the Wall Street Journal will benefit initially, but if the function proves a hit the potential is there for more media outlets to jump on the bandwagon.


Nokia under pressure

In a bid to reduce costs, phone giant Nokia has announced it will cut 10,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2013, as it continues to feel the heat from rivals Apple and Samsung. Plants in Germany and Canada are among those under threat, while the Finnish company has also sold off its luxury phone business Vertu in a bid to cut operating costs.

This follows similar cost-cutting measures last year, which were intended to reduce expenses by £800 million. Announcing a shift in focus to try and fight back in the ultra-competitive smartphone market, Nokia conceded that its second and third quarter projections for this sector were now more worrying than previously thought. However, chief financial officer Timo Ihamuotila is positive about the long term effect of the cuts, saying: "With these planned actions, we believe our devices [and] services business has a clear path to profitability".


Angry Birds in the NFL

Sports teams have long been associated with big companies, mainly for the lucrative sponsorship deals on offer. However, this week NFL outfit the Philadelphia Eagles have joined forces with the hugely successful Angry Birds game in a bid to attract America's younger sports fans. A cartoon video was circulated this week showing coach Andy Reid introducing his new 'squad members', in the first of many initiatives to tap into the youth market.

Plans are in place for an Eagles version of the popular app, while familiar characters may feature in special Jumbotron replays during matches. Various social media marketing ideas are also being prepared, with Eagles senior vice president Ari Roitman outlining the need to secure "the generation that's coming into the prime years for loyalty". Of course, the move has the potential to turn off fans of rival sides, but it could also give rise to many more sports franchises maximising the marketing potential of their nickname.

Written by James Riches


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