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VCAP put in place to combat online piracy – Samsung mocks Apple – Facebook smash Wall Street targets

UK piracy warnings to be issued

The government has decided to put in place the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP), which will try to persuade those who download pirated music, movies and other material to legally buy them instead, and suggest where they can do so.

Instead of punishing internet users who download pirated material, the government plans to issue warnings by email and post, in an effort to educate people about online copyright infringement.

Up to four warnings a year will be sent to households suspected of consistent infringement, but it has been stated that there will be no actual consequences if they are ignored.

Many of the UK's biggest internet service providers (ISPs) - such as Sky, BT and Virgin - are on board with the campaign, with smaller ISPs also expected to get involved between now and next year.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI music trade association, commented: "VCAP is not about denying access to the internet. It's about changing attitudes and raising awareness so people can make the right choice."


Samsung trolls Apple

In their latest advert for the Galaxy S5 smartphone, titled 'Screen Envy', Samsung have suggested that Apple's rival product, the iPhone, is inferior with regards to the screen.

The 30-second clip depicts two friends in a coffee bar who are both on their phones - one has an iPhone and the other has an S5. The former starts a conversation by gloating that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen, to which the latter replies, "That hasn't happened yet?"

The two then put their white phones side by side, clearly showing how much larger the S5's screen is. The S5-owner then patronisingly says, "You must be happy," before his phone starts to ring and he goes outside, leaving the iPhone-owner sat open-mouthed and lost for words.

However, Apple's new quarterly earnings report reveals that the iPhone is selling very well at the moment - even better than it was this time last year, and despite the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 6 this autumn.

Samsung, on the other hand, have forecasted a profit drop of 25% for their upcoming earnings report, though they have said that they expect to do much better in the next quarter.


Facebook stock at an all-time high

Facebook's revenue has soared by 61 per cent as a result of the recent focus on mobile advertising, which now makes up a reported 62 per cent of the company's entire advertising revenue.

This all-time-high share price has given Facebook a rough valuation of $190 billion, after it rose by more than five per cent during Wednesday after-hours trading.

The social network only began placing adverts on its mobile site and apps around the time of its initial public offering (IPO) two years ago, but it now draws in just under 20 per cent of the US's entire $17.7 billion mobile advertising market.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and chief executive, said: "We had a good second quarter. Our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world."

Facebook's user base has also expanded considerably, and with 1.32 billion monthly active users - which is more than five times the amount Twitter has - it is still the world's most popular social network.

Written by Rachel Hand


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