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Video advertising introduced on Facebook – Apple’s Christmas advert promotes iPhone 5s – Love drone gets couples festive this Christmas

Facebook tests video adverts on user newsfeeds

Facebook confirmed this week that it is introducing video advertising onto the site. The social network site is currently testing the new feature by advertising videos on users' newsfeeds.

There have been speculations as to whether the videos will alienate users, however Facebook has strived to ensure that the new campaign will benefit the overall onsite experience. Andrew Lipsman, VP of Industry Analysis at comScore, supports the company's declaration, stating that "we've all seen over the years how users can respond to changes on Facebook [...] these video ads are clearly intended to respect the user experience."

In order to provide as little disruption as possible, the advertisements will play automatically without sound. It is only once the viewer clicks or taps on the video that the sound will play. Although this will reduce the overall amount of users that will fully experience the advertisements, those who click to hear the sound will prove to be more valuable to brands, as they are opting in to experience the video.

If all goes according to plan, it is expected that Facebook will aim to engage users further, by enabling marketers to target specific demographics, such as age and gender.


Apple's Christmas advert shows teens' iPhone addiction in a new light

Apple have released its latest annual Christmas advert this week. The 90 second video, "Misunderstood", sheds a new light on teenagers' apparent iPhone addiction, as well as incorporating the iPhone 5s into family life.

The advert tells the story of a family celebrating the Christmas holidays. Amid the festive fun stands a teenage boy, who appears to be distancing himself from the family and spending the entire time on his iPhone. However the advert concludes with the boy syncing his iPhone with the TV and presenting the video that he has created using his 5s, of the family celebrating Christmas.

Apple have always seen people and living as significant brand values. In recent years, the company has struggled to relate their products with these values; however this year's seasonal advert has triggered an emotional response amongst its viewers, with some stating "[it] made me a little teary eyed" and "It shows how their products are truly enriching people's lives". The Drum also voted it the ad of the day for Tuesday.

The advert is available on YouTube, along with the video from within the ad, called "A Harris Family Holiday." Merry Christmas!


Mistletoe drone in San Francisco spreads the Christmas spirit

With Domino's Pizza successfully completing a delivery with the Domicopter, and the Tacocopter delivering tacos all over San Francisco, it seems that drones are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. However this Christmas has seen a development in what services a drone can actually provide, with the help of some tinsel and mistletoe.

Two artists, George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan have recently been spreading the Christmas spirit, by flying a festively decorated 'love drone', around San Francisco's Union Square. The remote controlled mistletoe would hover over couples' heads, encouraging a loving kiss between the two.

Zisiadis works as an interactive artist, encouraging adults around San Francisco to open up to "the curiosity and endless fun that lie within us." With this particular project, the artists have encouraged people to enjoy themselves, as well as changing what is often seen as a dull machine into something fun and festive.

Although the future of the drone is unknown, Amazon is currently looking into delivering their parcels with the Amazon Prime Air drone, the most commercial of its kind yet. Despite much speculation, including the machine's safety, we could be seeing many more companies using drones commercially in the future.

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