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Wii U – Zuckerberg’s recovery plan – Curiosity ready to go

Wii U release dates revealed

Nintendo's newest creation, a follow-up to the Wii, is set to be released in the UK on 30 November.

Wii U will be available in two packages, the first of which is a basic one that comprises a console, game pad and 8GB memory and is set to be priced at around £210. Upgrading to the premium version, which has a 32GB memory, will cost nearer £250.

The European release date arrives 12 days after US gamers get their hands on the new device, while Japan will have to wait until 8 December.

Players can expect a tablet-style gamepad which will have its own screen, and when purchased separately will cost close to £100. The console is thought to be more powerful than rivals Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

At a special launch, Nintendo Europe head Satoru Shibata also spoke about the games found in bundle addition Nintendo Land, which he claimed would appeal to even the most advanced gamers. A new Super Mario game will also be released to coincide with the arrival of Wii U.


Zuckerberg looks to move on from share slump

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted the company's share price setback was "disappointing", but insists fortunes will improve as its work on mobile platforms increases.

After launching in May at $38 (£24) a share, Facebook's value has since nosedived to nearer half that figure. This prompted many investors to sell their stakes and walk away from the business.

Zuckerberg himself owns 444 million shares, and earlier this month vowed not to sell them for a year in order to try and restore confidence in Facebook.

Speaking for the first time since this downturn in fortunes, he said that the social network will be targeting mobile platforms over the next three to five years. He suggested that advertising could hold the key, adding: "Ads have to be more integrated into the product on mobile."

He also firmly rebuffed the persistent claims Facebook is looking to develop its own mobile device, arguing that at 950 million users the site already reached too many people to make such a venture worthwhile.


Curiosity ready to explore

Mars rover Curiosity is at last nearing a stage where it can begin to explore the red planet.

The robot, which touched down in August with a live-tweet accompaniment , has until now been testing its equipment to prepare for what scientists hope will be at least two years of studying the terrain.

NASA hopes to drive Curiosity to a particular spot in the Gale Crater called Glenelg. While this is only 400m away from its current position, it could take up to a month as the machine's top speed is 4cm a second.

Its long-term target is Mount Sharp, which stands at 5km high in the middle of the crater. Here, Curiosity will test the soil for signs it may once have supported microbial life. There are also plans to photograph the planet's two moons as they cross paths in front of the Sun.

The impending journey has caused much excitement at NASA, with Jet Propulsion Laboratory mission manager Jennifer Trosper saying: "The plan is to drive, drive, drive!"

Written by James Riches


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