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WordPress is 10 – Sky targeted by hackers – Xbox to reward ad viewers

WordPress celebrates tenth birthday

Leading content management system WordPress reached its tenth birthday this week, with co-founder Matt Mullenweg revealing his thoughts on the milestone in a special anniversary blog post.

Studies indicate that the platform is now responsible for 52 per cent of blog content online, powering over 66 million sites in around 120 languages. It is thought that WordPress sites account for 16.7 per cent of the internet.

Many well known organisations, including CNN, Volkswagen, Sony and eBay, run their sites using WordPress.

All of this has helped to keep it ahead of rival products such as Tumblr, Gawker, Drupal and Blogger, with the former recently bought by Yahoo in a $1.1 billion deal.

Mullenweg is certainly watching that deal with interest, stating that while he's curious to see how Tumblr uses its new found resources, he would also have liked to know what the company had planned to do over the next five years if Yahoo hadn't made its move.

He appears as interested as anyone to see what the future holds for WordPress, concluding his retrospective blog saying: "Cheers to ten years, and here's to a hundred more".


Sky apps hacked

Sky became the latest victim in a spate of hacks aimed at big brands, as it was targeted by the Syrian Electronic Army.

However, whereas before these incidents had been limited to accessing social media accounts and posting messages, on this occasion it was Sky's apps that bore the brunt of the attack, with six seeing their logo and description replaced by content related to the hacking group.

Affected apps included Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Football, Sky Go, Sky+ and Sky WiFi, while the Sky Help Twitter account was also compromised and flooded with messages urging users to uninstall their apps.

The corporation joins other high profile hack victims such as the BBC, ITV, FIFA, CBS, the Financial Times and the Associated Press.

Twitter has recently announced a new two-step authentication process for account users, which it hopes will at least do something to guard against the social media break-ins that have been occurring. Users will need to enter a special code along with the standard username and password in order to access their account.

However, it seems that the hackers are doing their best to stay one step ahead, meaning companies will need to be more vigilant than ever.


New Xbox to reward ad viewers?

Microsoft has patented a method which it hopes will prevent users of the newly unveiled Xbox One from skipping ad breaks by offering them rewards for each commercial they watch.

Viewers of online content will be familiar with the option to 'Skip ad' after five seconds and proceed straight to their selected video. Microsoft is hoping to persuade viewers to stick with the adverts with their new system, which will track their activity using the Kinect camera.

It means that an incentive will be put in place to watch one or more advert during a television programme or film, with rewards getting more substantial with each ad viewed. Rumoured prizes include gaming avatars, coupons for the product in question, or even an actual free product for those who really get stuck in to the advertising campaigns on display.

The advertisers themselves are likely to be able to coordinate how these rewards can be earned, setting 'goals' for viewers that will require them to view a certain amount of content before unlocking a prize.

Written by James Riches


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