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Xbox 720 announcement expected – British island appeals for broadband – Unusual search for job goes viral

Xbox 720 announcement expected

Gaming experts have revealed that they expect an Xbox 720 announcement in the near future, the successor to the highly popular Xbox 360 console.

The 360 has been highly popular for seven years, home to many of the most successful games of all time. The speculation surrounding its successor comes ahead of E3, one of the most important events in the gaming calendar. Major Nelson is a spokesman and blogger for Microsoft and the Xbox, giving the cryptic announcement "And it's on!". Nelson is known to be highly knowledgeable about Microsoft's gaming exploits, with most people taking this as confirmation of the 720's existence.

This is the latest hint at plans for a new console, following a Microsoft developer seemingly revealing the codename for the console, Durango, by mistake. Many game websites are anticipating 8GB of storage on the new consoles, along with huge technological advances.

A Playstation 4 announcement is also expected at some stage in 2013, as a new era of console wars between the market leaders looks set to begin.


British colony appeals for broadband access

British colony St Helena has appealed for broadband access, appealing to the United Kingdom government to help modernise the island.

The remote Atlantic Ocean island has around 4,200 residents in total, and says that the extremely slow satellite based internet system they currently rely on is "stunting the growth" of the island, holding back their development.

With 4G available in the UK since late 2012 for many residents in major UK cities, the people of St Helena believe it would cost roughly £10m for their island to be brought up to date in a similar fashion.

It follows plans to build an airport on the island with direct flights to Britain, with as many as 7,000 families in the United Kingdom having descendants from St Helena. Now residents are hoping that the next thing to be flying are their internet speeds.


Job hunt of Adam Pacitti goes viral

Job hunting in the modern era is notoriously difficult, with many highly skilled graduates struggling to break into their chosen fields. Adam Pacitti is a twenty-four-year-old media graduate from the Isle of Wight who has taken the search to the next level with his Employ Adam viral campaign.

As well as creating a website and a YouTube video to publicise his CV to potential employers, the University of Winchester graduate also hired a billboard in London urging someone to give him a job. It was not until the jobseeker posted a picture of his advertisement on Twitter that the campaign went truly viral, attracting thousands of retweets and supportive messages for Adam. Messages posted from his Twitter account suggest he has received several offers of employment, although it is unknown if he has yet accepted anything.

The story of Adam Pacitti is likely to become yet another example of the power of social media, with countless stories of lives being changed for the better as a result of Twitter and Facebook.

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