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Improved Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Improved Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google has updated how developers track the performance of their apps, linking Google Analytics with Google Play to provide them with further information on user acquisition and engagement.

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps was first introduced to help app developers and marketers develop successful Android and iOS apps. The insights that are provided offer users the opportunity to measure a number of metrics such as acquisitions, behaviour and conversions.

Google has announced that the recent Google Analytics and Google Play integration will also allow developers to view an acquisition funnel for Play in a single easy to understand report.

Key features

Within the new report, you will be able to see the following data sources:

You can also select any section of the acquisition funnel for additional data points such as drop off rates, allowing for further analysis of user activity.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, has said: “Google frequently introduces methods to help both app developers and site owners track the performance of their app or website better, with the Real Time Reporting API being a fairly recent example. The new Google Analytics and Play integration should provide app developers with greater insight into user acquisition and engagement through the introduction of a comprehensive overview of an app’s performance, which in turn may help to improve the overall user experience with both Google Play and apps.”

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