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Create your PPC Ad

Use our free PPC Ad Preview Tool to see how your PPC campaign would appear on a search engine. All you need to do is enter your ad copy in the boxes below and see your ad update live! We've even popped a good example to the right for you to refer back to and included some top tips to ensure you're drafting a great ad.

Top Tip - "Using keywords maybe a no-brainer but it's the most effective. Having the keyword that was searched makes your ad more appealing, because it shows what they are searching for in the heading of your PPC ad."
Add Sitelinks Add Call Extensions

Call Extensions

Another way of making your ad stand out and also gets you a little more search space are call extensions. A call extension allows you to have a company phone number within your ad.

Top Tip - "This is good because having this can means your customers can call you directly from a search."
Add Callouts


Callout extensions also let you include more information using additional text about additional features or benefits of your business. They make your ad more specific and descriptive and are displayed as bullet-points.

Top Tip - "By using Callout Extensions in your ad can draw attention to the most important benefits and services that you offer."
Add Snippets

Structured Snippets

Top Tip - "Using Structured Snippets in your ad will give visitors a preview of the nature and range of your products and services, before they click on your ad."
Add Reviews

Review Extensions

Top Tip - "Having reviews on your ad will show your previous work and reflect on how good your products and services are. This can attract a number of visitors through your ad. Having the Review extension does not cost you a penny.The ideal character limit for the Review Extension is 67"

Who loves theEword

Who loves theEword Who loves theEword