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Google Analytics segmentation changes

The revolution will be analysed

Further changes are on the way for Google Analytics, as an official blog post from the service announced significant updates to segmentation in analytics.

Segmentation is one of the most powerful tools within Google Analytics, allowing users to isolate and analyse the various subsets of their website traffic. The predefined areas of focus include visits which come through Pay Per Click and visits which end with a conversion. Users are also able to create areas of their own focusing on almost any aspect of data relating to visitors of their website.

Better decisions, faster

The post from Wayne Xu, a member of Google Analytics team explained that the changes to the service were designed to allow users to make “better decisions, faster.”

Xu announced that there would be five main areas of focus, with new features and tools designed to make Google Analytics easier for new users, as well as more powerful for experienced users. The areas to be revolutionised include:

Siobhan Hoy, account manager at theEword commented: “While these changes have not been implemented within Google Analytics just yet, it is certainly an exciting time for users as updates continue to be made to improve the ease of reporting. Whether you are managing your own website or tracking the progress of a client’s campaign, both reporting and monitoring looks set to not only be less time consuming, but will also produce significantly more advanced and helpful data.”

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