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Sir Brian Souter criticises Google

Sir Brian Souter challenges Google

The co-founder of Stagecoach has called on the UK government to investigate Google after problems on his website, which have been analysed in detail by theEword.

Transport tycoon Sir Brian Souter runs a personal website at, which features a profile, a gallery and a media centre. It used to be one of the first listings on Google for the search term Brian Souter, according to his PR and web media adviser Gordon Beattie. But Mr Beattie claims that on Saturday, 13 August 2011, the site “mysteriously disappeared” from Google’s results and has yet to reappear. When contacted, Google apparently indicated that it was a result of changes to its search algorithms.

The slump has prompted Sir Brian to take action. He is considering asking the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Committee to investigate whether Google should be brought to account. Mr Beattie explained: “We are now asking the question – is it time legislation was enacted to curb Google’s power over free speech on the internet?”

theEword’s SEO prescription

However, an investigation by theEword may help shed some light on the matter. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) team has identified a number of remedies that could boost the rankings of

Al Mackin, managing director of theEword, said: “Sir Brian Souter’s website provides an interesting SEO case study. After examining the site, our SEO team has identified a number of steps that could help to boost the site’s search performance. If these were implemented, I’m sure that would begin to enjoy good rankings once more for primary keywords like ‘Brian Souter’.”

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