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Yang to leave Yahoo

It seems the commotion surrounding Yahoo’s various PPC and search market troubles will rumble on, with the announcement that co-founder Jerry Yang is to stand down from his role as CEO.

Speculation has been mounting about Yang’s position at Yahoo ever since he was instrumental in turning down a $33 per share offer from Microsoft to buy the company. Some sources had thought he would use the recent Web 2.0 conference to announce his departure. ..
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In the service of two masters

You may remember that in October we introduced you to our new SEO copywriter Tom. Since he’s now been working here for a month, we decided to ask him for his thoughts on SEO writing and the nature of creating web-based content for clients. Here are his reflections.

As a journalist, I believe that regardless of medium or demographic, the interests of the reader come first. No matter what you’re writing for – print, television, B2B or SEO – ..
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Yahoo to Microsoft: come and get us

Here’s an interesting one: after Google backed out of the proposed PPC agreement with Yahoo, the latter have issued a renewed plea to Microsoft to come and buy them.

In a move akin to the web portal blowing kisses at Microsoft while waving a huge FOR SALE sign at them, Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang has said he would be willing to sell at any price, “whatever that price is.”

It started back in the summer, when the Windows giant offered $33 per ..
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Microsoft promises to make new Windows less annoying

Microsoft has answered the prayers of Windows users the world over with the announcement that the next version of its operating system will make fewer intrusions into the user experience.

As any Vista owner knows, use of the system involves facing a barrage of alerts and pop-ups, as the PC seemingly does its best to become unusable. And when it gets to a point where users are clicking a button, only to be asked if it was indeed them that ..
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Google gets cold feet over Yahoo search ads deal

The much-discussed agreement that would have seen Google provide PPC advertising around Yahoo search results is no more.

Google decided to back out of the search advertising deal – first announced in June – after widespread criticism, including notable comments from rivals Microsoft, that it would create an effective monopoly in the search and PPC markets.

The agreement had also been reviewed the by the US Department of Justice, who informed ..
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New senior developer joins theEword team

All the valuable online marketing work theEword does with SEO and PPC campaigns would count for nothing if we didn’t have websites to promote in the first place. Sometimes our clients have sites that they need our help marketing; often, they call upon theEword to design them from scratch.

We’ve become used to building sites that are tailored to our clients’ needs. However, our recent expansion means we now have a lot more web pages to put ..
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Clientwatch: Tangkoko update

It’s been a while since we checked in on Tangkoko, our client of the ethical Indonesian and Indian furniture. Here, site editor Louise Lyne gives an update into all things wooden and eco-friendly.

Titivating the Tangkoko furniture website has kept everyone at theEword busy over these early autumn days. The site is constantly expanding, with snappy product reviews being uploaded weekly.

Behind the scenes at theEword hub, plans for more Tangkoko ..
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PPC is fastest-growing advertising medium

New research claims PPC growth set to continue into 2009

A new study that claims PPC is “the fastest-growing advertising medium” says growth in the online pay-per-click advertising market looks set to continue, with broadband being the main driving force.

The Key Note Publications ‘Internet Advertising Market’ report says that the industry’s online PPC spend will increase by a further 31.4 per cent to the end of 2008.

The report ..
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Meet the team Pt. 4793

Last week we introduced you to our new writer Tom Mason, who joins the team creating SEO content for our clients. In the hope of learning a bit more about the Wolverhampton Wonder, we asked him some questions.

He was very forthcoming in his answers (he is a writer, after all) so we’ve provided edited highlights of them below...

What is your favourite website?

The cool kid in me likes The Onion. The geeky teenager likes Ain’t It Cool News. This ..
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