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Many SEO and online marketing agencies operate behind closed doors without fully sharing information either techniques or day-to-day results with clients. theEword offers complete transparency on both counts. We produce highly detailed reports on a daily basis, which are open and honest in regards to important factors such as traffic, conversions, costs and search engine placements.

In addition, we hold regular boot camps and training sessions for our clients, encouraging them to learn as much as possible about SEO and online marketing. We feel it is important for confidence that clients understand, via their own experience, what it is we're doing.

Two of the most vital parts of our online marketing and SEO methodology are research and reporting. Both of these lead to refinement which in turn leads to results. We carry out extensive client-specific research before starting any project, working from the belief that in order to achieve results in a particular field you need to fully understand it first. We perform in-depth research before commencing any project, which allows us to tailor our service from day one.

From there, we track accounts and report on a daily basis. This allows us to see which elements of a campaign are working and which are not. We use this information to refine the campaign, for example, dropping out underperforming keywords and adding emerging ones. Our ability to quickly change aspects of online marketing campaigns allows us to maximise their effectiveness over a sustained period of time.

theEword is one of the only SEO agencies to focus heavily on content and social media. We offer comprehensive news and blogging services to our clients, both of which are vital in maintaining a fresh flow of content across sites and, of course, engaging visitors. We also use brand properties such as celebrity spokespeople or mascots in social media marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in the services provided by theEword, please contact us for a consultation.

You will not believe what Facebook just said Tuesday 26th of August, 2014by Martin LindleyThe social media giant has pledged to reduce the number of click-bait headlines that appear in the News Feed.

Smartphones in California to require kill switches Wednesday 27th of August, 2014by Dan MooresA law has been passed in California that states new mobile phones will have anti-theft kill switches.

Twitter makes Analytics available to all users Thursday 28th of August, 2014by Rachel HandThe dashboard displaying tweet impressions and engagements data is now open to all.