theEweekly Wrap: Twitter redefines timeline, judge wants Secret app banned, and Kate Bush says no photos or videos


Twitter timeline tweaked and redefined, Secret App condemned by Brazilian judge, and iPhones and iPads not welcome at Kate Bush gigs.

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theEweekly Wrap: Google opens up Classroom, Bing gets chatty search, and Siri becomes entangled in a murder trial


This week in theEweekly Wrap: Google opens up Classroom, Bing search gets a little chatty, and Siri becomes entangled in a murder trial.

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25k sign up to Facebook lawsuit - Netflix revenue beats HBO - Twitter hints at shopping feature


Facebook class action lawsuit signs up 25,000 users worldwide, Netflix overtakes HBO in subscription revenue and Twitter settings menu gets a 'Payment & Shipping' option.

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theEweekly Wrap: Snapchat gets $10bn valuation, right to be forgotten is 'unworkable', and Pentagon hacker starts new career in search engine optimisation


This week in theEweekly Wrap: Snapchat gets valued at $10bn, right to be forgotten deemed unworkable, and the one time pentagon hacker who's started up in SEO.

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Ian Pettigrew Talks Resilience at Light a Fire

theEword's third Light a Fire event invited Kingfisher Coaching's Ian Pettigrew to speak about stress management and resilience. The event was held at Castlefield's Dukes 92, where our guests were treated to a lovely summer barbecue.

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How Google Pigeon will affect local search

Google has unveiled a new algorithm update aimed at improving local search results. Informally named 'Pigeon', its effects are already being felt by US site owners.

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VCAP aims to fight online piracy - Samsung ad trolls Apple - Facebook stock hits an all-time high


The government puts in place the VCAP to combat online piracy, Samsung S5 advert mocks the iPhone's screen size and Facebook smashes Wall Street targets as stocks hit an all-time high.

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theEweekly Wrap: Parliament plans to rush through new data law, blogger gets a fine for search title, and a council praises parking vigilante Facebook campaign


This week in theEweekly Wrap: Parliament rushes for new data law, a blogger gets fined for search title, and one man launches Facebook campaign to publicise awful parking.

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Matt Cutts on vacation, Germany vs. Brazil turbo-tweeting and Google upgrades AdWords Editor


Google's Matt Cutts goes on vacation until November, Germany vs. Brazil World Cup semi-final breaks a tweets-per-minute record and Google releases the 10.5 version of AdWords Editor.

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theEweekly Wrap: Google sends removal messages to publishers, UK watchdog probes Facebook study, and Man vs Food star loses show after Instagram madness


This week in theEweekly Wrap: Google sends removal messages, Facebook's study is probed, and Man vs Food star loses show after Instagram comments.

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Google AdWords gets two game changing updates Tuesday 19th of August, 2014by Martin LindleyWebsite Call Conversions allows advertisers to measure calls, while forced use of 'close variants' brings a change to the use of keywords.

Google names top 10 improvements since 2004 Wednesday 20th of August, 2014by Dan MooresGoogle's head of search divulges his department's biggest milestones since the IPO a decade ago.

BBC reveals 12 news stories forgotten by Google Thursday 21st of August, 2014by James RichesA dozen BBC pieces from as far back as 2000 have been affected by 'right to be forgotten' requests.