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Google Zeitgeist: what does it mean?

After our post revealing the Google Zeitgeist 2008, we thought we’d take a closer look at the list and the implications it holds for search advertising and online marketing.

The significance of Google, the internet’s biggest search provider, revealing their most popular search terms should not be underestimated. This year, Google’s share of the UK search market edged closer to a staggering 90 per cent (enjoying a rise of almost ten per ..
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Does Google promote censorship?

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times about Google ‘Decider’ Nicole Wong and her team of policy makers. Basically, these are the people who choose what we see and what we don’t on sites across the entire Google brand, including YouTube.

The article - and the internet censorship debate it raises - is pertinent in the wake of the hoo-ha surrounding the Internet Watch Foundation’s decision to blacklist a Wikipedia page, ..
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Google Zeitgeist 2008 revealed

Google have released their list of the most-searched keywords for 2008. The compendium of popular search terms, christened the ‘Zeitgeist’ by the company when it first appeared in 2002, reveals the year’s most prevalent search trends as well as the fastest-rising terms.

The most searched terms in the UK


The fastest rising search terms in the UK

Yahoo Mail
Large ..
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New vacancies announced at theEword

Just like the hardy little leaf on our website home page, theEword is always growing. The second half of 2008 has seen our merry band of SEO, PPC, content and design specialists grow from two members to ten, and we’re not stopping there.

We currently have another four jobs on offer at theEword:Full details of which can be found on the jobs page of our main site.

For ..
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How-Do you do?

You may have noticed that we’ve recently taken on some new members of staff, who we unveiled in a series of meet-the-team posts last month. The arrival of new personnel comes right in the middle of a fantastic period of growth for theEword, which looks set to continue into next year.

Now, the Press have caught wind of our success story, as this news article on North West media bible How-Do shows.

The piece details our three latest ..
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Manchester Christmas Market provides festive joy for all

Spirits were high the other week as members of theEword team ventured out to Manchester’s famous Christmas Market in Albert Square (the one with the giant Santa Clause in front of the town hall).

We were there to meet some clients and soak up the festive atmosphere amid the sights, sounds and smells of mulled wine, bratwurst, pancakes and singing reindeers.

The evening started with a brief (ie five-second) discussion of this year’s Santa. Gone ..
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SEO: we're not kidding around

The internet is an unusual place and, much like the Bermuda Triangle spitting out the occasional 19th century fishing trawler, strange things can happen online. Mysterious things.
Take the BBC News website. In what is either a measure of usability, or an exercise in observing just how the British population spend their time online at work, the BBC helpfully list the five most-read stories on any particular day. Normally, these reflect the main ..
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