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Phishy Business

I’m pretty nonchalant about my online security. Apart from keeping my copy of Norton up to date, I don’t worry too much. I’m not entirely naive about online safety, though: I never reply to emails from Nigerian princes and I certainly don’t presume there is a problem with my bank account based on the advice of an email skulking around in my junk mail folder.

Still, when I discovered over the weekend that my internet banking site of ..
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Google launches Street View

Google has launched its long-awaited Street View service. The street-mapping facility allows internet users to take a virtual stroll through the roads of 25 UK cities via a series of photographs. Cities featured in the Google application include Manchester, Aberdeen and Norwich. The facility has been compiled from video taken along 22,369 roads in the United Kingdom.

A nearby Google Street View

The Street View from near theEword offices, showing the Imperial War Museum ..

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theEword announces two new appointments

We’ve bolstered the ranks of our SEO and PPC online marketing team yet again with the addition of two new members of staff. The appointments come during a continued period of growth for theEword during which we have taken on ten new starters.

Adrian Mursec is appointed senior developer, and will be working on the coding and development of all theEword’s internal and external projects.

Adrian joins theEword having previously worked for one of ..
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theEword to offer Manchester Masters placement

theEword is proud to announce its involvement in the upcoming Manchester Masters project.

Manchester Masters is a graduate initiative aimed at attracting, and keeping, the best post-grad talent in Manchester. Students were invited to apply for the scheme by uploading a 30-second video of themselves to the web. From this, a shortlist of 50 candidates will be chosen, with a final ten being accepted into the full Manchester Masters scheme and the ..
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Clientwatch: theEword helps Topcomms to achieve record figures

All of us at theEword are pleased to announce the details of our latest success story, having helped our client Topcomms achieve record figures for turnover and traffic.

  • Turnover has increased by 200% over 18 months.
  • Traffic in Q1 2009 has increased 30.38% over Q4 2008.
  • Pageviews up 38.17% over the same period.

theEword was instrumental in the development of Topcomms’ e-commerce arm, designing and building the Topcomms website and implementing ..
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Does Google put more weight on brands in rankings?

Recent reports that Google puts more weight on brands in rankings have moved Search Quality main man Matt Cutts to post a YouTube video on the Google Webmasters Central channel, clarifying the company’s position regarding branding and search. You can watch the video below.

In it, he explains that Google’s latest algorithmic change (“one of three to four hundred we make every year”) does not necessarily prioritise big brands in SERPs, but ..
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Phorm behavioural advertising to be regulated

The news that digital technology company Phorm is teaming up with BT to target customers with behavioural advertising may sound like evidence of the latter’s growth as an ISP, but for others it has raised the issue of online privacy.

Many sites use behavioural advertising and SEO to target a specific audience. And while it’s a useful tool for some, there are fears the targeted nature of behavioural advertising violates users’ rights in ..
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SEO content should be optimised for users as well as search engines

SEO copywriter Karolyn Judge joined theEword last month. Here, she offers some reflections on the balance needed to ensure content meets the needs not only of search engines but also the people who read it.

Since joining theEword, I have found SEO copywriting to be a disciplined and challenging field in which to work, one where creative principles must be balanced with an acute commercial understanding.

I believe it shouldn’t be an issue for ..
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A website of two halves

The Guardian online steals my time. While their award-winning news coverage, investigative features and breathtaking dedication to SEO often merit a couple of clicks, it’s their most recent application – the Guardian Chalkboards tool – which has been filling my spare time over recent weeks.

An innovative piece of software for every budding Alan Hanson, the Chalkboard system allows users to compare data from football games. Wait, it gets ..
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