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theEword Academy Why you should schedule updates on Twitter

theEword SEO Manchester AcademytheEword copywriter Tom Mason explains why it is sometimes better to time your Twitter updates.

Maintaining a social media campaign, particularly on Twitter, can be a time-consuming process. The best Twitter campaigns are those which consistently engage the audience, providing updates and relevant information on a regular basis. In order to reach consumers, and make the right impact, an account needs to be in regular contact with its audience.

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theEweekly Wrap - The Guardian, Meerkats and BBC SEO

Guardian of newsThe team at had something to celebrate this week as the website was named the UK's most popular online newspaper for the second consecutive month running.

Recording more that 31 million unique users over October, the site claimed victory over the Mail Online and The figures mean that the Guardian has achieved a 22 per cent year on year growth.

"Our Trafigura story and Charlie Brooker's column on ..
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The power of pictures

Display advertisers will tell you there's nothing quite like an image to convert browsers into buyers.

It's one thing to present potential customers with a couple of lines of text and a link in the sponsored listings, outlining what you're trying to sell. But it's an entirely different matter when you can actually show them a picture of the product in question. Consumers can forge an emotional connection to images of a new smartphone, car or ..
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theEweekly Wrap - Twitter, Yahoo slump and Google Analytics Intelligence

Twitter goes commercialTwitter has hit the headlines with its plan to introduce paid-for accounts. The micro-blogging service, which has never made a profit, will continue to offer a free service for individuals and businesses alike. But co-founder Biz Stone let slip in a BBC interview that Twitter would introduce paid-for corporate accounts, offering additional features such as analytics and feedback.

Meanwhile, Orange has thrown its weight ..
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Urbis Manchester reaction played out on Twitter

Urbis will be the new home of the National Football MuseumUrbis, the creative art space renowned for its inspiring exhibitions and off-the-wall galleries, is no more. Yesterday, it was decided that the exhibition centre would be replaced by the National Football Museum, which will move from its home at Preston's Deepdale stadium.

Tom Mason, theEword's resident social media watcher, examined the reaction to the news on Twitter. Here, he reveals how the local community responded to the announcement.

Urbis ..
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Google Analytics Intelligence gets proactive

Google Analytics has started highlighting major changes in traffic patterns. A new tool, Google Analytics Intelligence, alerts online marketers to potentially critical changes on their clients' sites. Available as a beta version, Intelligence can be accessed from the dashboard of the web analytics program.

Analyse this

The service is designed to boost the visibility of key trends and statistical anomalies. For example, online marketers can find ..
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theEweekly Wrap - New Bing features, Google court case and paid online news

Bing's busy weekMicrosoft search site Bing announced a raft of changes this week. Aside from revealing a potentially lucrative partnership with computational search engine Wolfram Alpha, the fledgling Microsoft venture also publicised a number of brand new features.

The major Bing news of the week came as the search engine unveiled a new video portal. The obviously named Bing Video replaces the Microsoft Video site and features content from the ..
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Google Caffeine out of the sandbox

Google Caffeine is on the verge of being rolled out for real searches.

In August 2009, Google unveiled a preview version of a "next-generation architecture" dubbed Caffeine that it had been secretly working on for several months. Web developers and power searchers were encouraged to provide feedback on the update, described as the first step towards improving Google's indexing times, relevancy and comprehensiveness.

Google Caffeine set for rollout

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Hold the front page - can print newspapers adapt to the online world?

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News International, has been known for his occasional outbursts. Murdoch, whose papers include The Sun, The Times and The Wall Street Journal, has said that, once his papers start charging for online news, he will stop content appearing on search engines like Google or Bing.

While Murdoch has been known for his loathe-hate relationship with the search engine giant – once describing the aggregated content on Google News ..
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theEweekly Wrap - Social age, MSN revamp and Sesame Street goes Google

Demographic principalsNew research has revealed the average age of social networking users. The 2009 Pew Internet report has discovered the median age of account holders on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The study, conducted by Princeton Survey Research between August and September 2009, showed the average age of Facebook users has risen over the past 12 months from 26 to 33-years-old. The median age of Twitter users is 31.

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