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Creative mistakes - Innovative 404 pages

A 404 error page doesn't just have to be a bland message; theEword creative director Tom Glass talks us through some of the options available for web designers when creating an error page.


This interactive 404 page, from an American film studio, is creative brilliance. It demonstrates how a simple error message can emphasise the innovation and originality of an organisation.

Be witty:

The 404 page from the BBC takes an iconic photograph ..
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theEweekly Wrap - Google and China, Twitter spam and Yahoo mobile

Google's gambleGoogle followed through on its threat to stop censoring results from the Chinese version of its search engine this week, directing Chinese citizens to its unfiltered Hong Kong service. The move came in response to a cyber attack originating from the country in January.

David Drummond, chief legal officer at Google said he hoped the decision would be accepted by the government.

"We very much hope that the Chinese government respects ..

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CashGordon - The arguments for and against hashtags

Today, the Conservative Party launched Cashgordon, the latest site in their online election campaign. The website, which automatically features Twitter statuses containing the hashtag 'cashgordon', immediately gained the attention of UK social media users.

Inevitably, those with a dislike for the Conservative Party began to abuse the application; posting offensive messages and updates with the hashtag in order to appear on the homepage.

Here, ..
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theEweekly Wrap - Manchester Masters, Foursquare and Facebook

Sorry to see you McC-leaveToday marks the departure of Rick Roberts and Emily McCleave, the two Manchester Masters placements who joined our online marketing department three months ago. The pair, who were part of the winning ten students in last year's competition, have been working on a range of different projects during their tenure, including a number of online marketing campaigns.

Speaking to theEword blog, Emily said:

"I've really enjoyed my ..

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Reflections on theEword by a Manchester Master

As one of our Manchester Masters placement winners, Emily McCleave, comes to the end of her internship at theEword, she reflects on the past three months.

I had been looking forward to my work placement with theEword since my first meeting with Al and Tom a year ago and I can hardly believe that my time here is now drawing to a close. The past eleven weeks have not failed to meet my high expectations as theEword has delivered a full three months ..
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Happy birthday dotcom

Today marks the silver anniversary of the internet and 25-years ago, the first dotcom name was registered. SEO copywriter Tom Mason celebrates this auspicious event with the top 25 facts you may not know about the online world.

  1. The first dotcom name was registered in Massachusetts by Symbolics, a computer firm.

  2. By the end of 1985, only six dotcom domains existed.

  3. The first adopters of the dotcom were Xerox, Hewlett Packard and the Stanford ..
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theEweekly Wrap - Nobel prize, Bing advert and Twitter

Noble undertakingThe internet may be the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize after it was revealed to be among the 237 individuals and groups nominated for the award.

The web was suggested for the prize, won by US president Barack Obama in 2009, by the 2003 Nobel winner Shirin Ebadi and Nicholas Negropone, founder of the $100 laptop project.

"The announcement of this year's laureate will be made on the 8 October," said Geir Kundestand, director ..

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Boom time for Bing

Believe it or not, it has been nine long months since the launch of Bing. Microsoft launched the successor to MSN Live Search amid a blaze of publicity in June 2009. At the time, Microsoft insisted it would shake up the search engine market by providing more accurate results than ever before. Bing was carefully positioned as a "decision engine", not a search engine.

Bing's back story

In truth, it has been a turbulent few months for Bing. A ..
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Google Webmaster Tools Useful Features

theEword developer Nick Price gives a brief introduction to Webmaster Tools and talks through how it can be used to help your site.

Google Webmaster Tools is a great way of collecting and viewing information about how your site is performing. It provides a number of methods for troubleshooting your site and increasing its position on search engine results pages.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the sections in Webmaster Tools and what they ..

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theEweekly Wrap - Facebook's billions, Welsh anger and the ASA

Fun with facts and FacebookFacebook made headlines this week after it was estimated the firm would generate a staggering £732 million in revenue.

The research, conducted by Inside Facebook, concluded the social media goliath would pocket an impressive £233 million from performance advertising alone. Brand advertising was also estimated to draw in £150 million, while its popular virtual goods market scored an impressive $10 million. This ..

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