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Checking inappropriate advertising

Before joining theEword, I worked with children aged five to 13. There were plenty of laughs and scraped knees as expected, but there were a few shocks too. Kids as young as five, for example, would sing theme tunes to TV ads and seem very much convinced by their messages. A couple of years older and they were mocking each other's mobile phones and comparing ringtones. As for the eleven-year-olds, a few tried to add me on Facebook.

Therefore, it ..
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Twitter Real-Time Analytics

Twitter HomepageIt was recently announced that Twitter is planning to launch a free analytics dashboard in the last quarter of 2010. The idea behind this is to allow Twitter users to understand more about their tweets and how their tweets are used or seen by other users on the social networking site.

In June, Twitter acquired a company called Smallthought Systems. The team at this company had already created an online analytics dashboard called Trendly. It ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Google Transparency, Project Webinos, and new Tablets

Universal AppsProject Webinos got off the ground this weekwith €10 million (£8.5 million) of EU funding. The project sees 22 European companies, including hardware manufacturers, software developers and network providers, working together to create a versatile, universal app store.

Their intention is to make all applications run in a web environment, thus allowing them to run on any OS or platform; the only requirement would be a web browser. ..

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How classic British brands are handling the digital marketing revolution

News of the Telegraph iPad app was most remarkable because the app is free of charge, thanks to heavy sponsorship from Audi. It's a stark contrast to Rupert Murdoch's digital changes; the Times paywall caused 90% of online readers to desert, but News of the World's £1-a-day paywall is still going ahead. Meanwhile, how are other classic British brands adapting to digital opportunities?

The BBC will of course always be free to use and unable to ..
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theEweekly Wrap: AdWords, New Twitter and In-Game Ads

Branded KeywordsGoogle AdWords caused controversy in Europe this week when they changed their keyword policy. Third parties can now bid on previously restricted trademarked keywords, as they have been able to do in the US since 2009. The purpose is to allow companies or retailers that sell trademarked products to advertise using those terms, but some feel it unfairly increases PPC costs.

Meanwhile, Brand Republic reported that copyright ..

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The Importance of Consistency in Design

When you look at websites today, what do you see? Do you see ones which change from page to page or whose layout and style are consistent throughout? For the most part, you'll see the latter.

So why do so many websites have the same structure and style throughout? Well, the answer is quite simple really: consistency works. Keeping websites consistent helps to eliminate problems users may encounter with their usability. When a website is ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Google V Apple, Tesco Wi-Fi and Instant Censorship

Google V AppleGoogle is planning an assault on Apple’s music market domination, according to the Independent. Currently in talks with music labels regarding a download store, they plan to create a digital music ‘locker’, where tunes can be stored and accessed on any device with an internet connection.

The idea comes hot on the heels of Apple and BridgeCo’s joint venture, AirPlay, which wirelessly streams the user’s iTunes to any ..

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Google Sponsored Links - Now in Purple!

Companies are always changing their products and services. You may not have spotted the latest subtle adjustments to Google’s ‘Sponsored Links’ section. Nevertheless, it clearly has changed. What once was yellow has now become purple.

So what might this mean for the results?

According to Google:

“This is purely an aesthetic change to our ads and won’t have any impact on the way we target or serve advertisements on”

Well, if ..

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Al Mackin on his business accolades

theEword’s MD Al Mackin has just been included in North West Business Insider’s 42 Under 42 list and nominated for the En for Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. We caught up with Al to see how he’s taken the news:

How did you feel when you found out you were on the 42 Under 42 list?
When I got the email on Tuesday, I was surprised, but also extremely happy. You work hard, day in, day out, get a good team behind you, and it’s ..
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Tips for writing a good about page

Everyone knows that first impressions count. It doesn't matter whether a user is visiting your website for the first time or if they are a regular. Either way, they will be looking to gain more trust in the website, person, company or service.

This is where the about pages come in - surprisingly, it will be one of the most visited pages on your site. Therefore it's crucial to make sure that you leave a lasting impression. If you have a great ..
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