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theEweekly Wrap: Blind driving, Beijing trips and banned Autocomplete

Driving forwardGoogle has uploaded a video onto its Google+ profile showing Steve Mahan, a legally blind man, behind the wheel of the Google self-driving car. The video documents Mahan's trip to a local Taco Bell, where the computer-led car travels along a programmed route to reach its destination.

Google organised the run not only to provide Mahan with an opportunity to experience driving, but to test if it was plausible for the Google ..

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theEweekly Wrap: Draw Something, tax cuts and Matt Cutts

Game overThe 2012 budget was unveiled by the Chancellor on Wednesday, including some very welcome tax breaks for the gaming industry. The aim is to make the UK the "technology centre of Europe" by introducing corporation tax relief for game developers in April 2013. Trade body Tiga has been campaigning for the move for several years; chief executive Richard Wilson said on Wednesday: "This victory will benefit not just the UK games development ..
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The popularity of Pinterest

Pinterest Home page
If you have an interest in digital media and marketing – or just the internet in general – it's very likely you'll have heard of Pinterest, the scrapbook-style social network which has grown tremendously since its closed beta launch in March 2010.

Pinterest describes itself as a 'virtual pinboard', much like a bookmarking system – but the images are saved and link back to the original website. It is possible to store ..
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theEweekly Wrap: SXSW, bad ads and the Beeb

BBC storeThe BBC director general announced this week that shows will soon be available to buy for download in an iTunes-style online shop. Mark Thompson revealed that the plan (nicknamed Project Barcelona, for some reason) will be put before the BBC Trust later this year, but will also require the support of programme producers. Shows will be available to download for a "relatively modest charge" minutes after the first broadcast has ended, but ..
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Useful websites engage users

In the public sector, the design of Manchester City Council's website has
been updated to make useful information more easily accessible.
If you run a business, you may think your official website is there to do one thing – sell your wares, both figuratively and literally. However, if you also make your website genuinely useful, you're more likely to get repeat visits and even make life easier elsewhere in your organisation.

The latter point ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Page layout, paid tweets and the Pope

Vatican hackedThe website of the Vatican was hacked on Wednesday by individuals claiming to be affiliated with hacktivist group Anonymous. The site,, was unresponsive for the best part of a day, while emails to and from the domain were also reportedly blocked. Meanwhile, a statement was released by the Italian branch of Anonymous saying "Anonymous decided today to besiege your site in response to the doctrine, to the liturgies, to ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Panda, Pinterest and Pi

Quality tweaksGoogle has announced that 40 changes were made during February to the way its search engine works and serves users with results. An official blog post on Monday ran through the updates, a handful of which include:

  • Panda 3.3 – making it more sensitive to recent changes on the web
  • An update to the bar, apparently to remove the recently-added drop down
  • Filtering out offensive or inappropriate Autocomplete suggestions
  • Link evaluation – ..
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